These articles are all about love, connection and the magic of tantra in the context of relationships.

Jasmuheen’s pranic living retreat, France

Dates: 11-14 October 2013 UPDATE: Jasmuheen has confirmed dates for the next workshop in Marbella, Spain for June 2015 - please see details here. In October 2013 I had the pleasure of taking part in a retreat in France hosted by Jasmuheen. If you are unfamiliar with her work, Jasmuheen is an Ambassador of Peace

What To Expect From A Tantra Workshop

Have you noticed how many Tantra workshops are now being offered worldwide? Descriptions for them are usually quite vague and I have always wondered what are these magical tools that can "make you a better lover" in just one day. Exactly what happens in a Tantra workshop for beginners? UPDATE: If you can't make

Do you know what breatharianism is really about?

Hello divine beings! Some of you will not be ready to read an article such as this, if you feel that way, try putting anything you don't believe in an imaginary box, just store it away somewhere. In no way do you have to like/believe/relate to what I'm about to say, it's totally up

Yin and Yang energies – which one dominates in your life?

I would like to write a little bit about Yin and Yang energies. If those terms are unfamiliar to you, think of it as: ☯ Yang = active / fast / busy Yin = slow / less active ☯ In our modern, Western world, people have evolved to value Yang above Yin, i.e. we value

Is your BODY talking to God? – “I yawn when I pray”

I bet you came across this article because you Googled: "I yawn when I pray" - congratulations for noticing, welcome to the club :) I yawn when I pray When I was a little girl, perhaps 7-8 years old, I was taught to pray to God, probably like a lot of people in the world.

Whats all the hype about ecstatic dance?

Over the last couple of years, I've been hearing so much about ecstatic dance events that I just had to try it out for myself. Many people said its "too much" for them, but I wanted to see for myself why everyone is so crazy about them. What exactly is ecstatic dance, are there rules?

Coincidence, synchronicity and intuition

Life can be pretty incredible when you watch out for signs and events that seem like coincidence at first, but personally I don't believe in coincidences! It is no coincidence that I'm writing about this now as I've had several signs pointing me towards it and when you learn to listen to what the Universe

STUFF: why do we have so much and how much do we really need?

Have you ever noticed just how much stuff you own, and how much of it you haven't touched in years? Why do humans feel the need to collect masses of things and still complain that they are missing something? I'm certainly not saying I'm perfect, I'm quite bad with that actually, but in the last

Why you surround yourself with the people that you do

Everybody meets for a reason. Yes that includes the shop keeper you said hi to last night. Perhaps it is because you spoke to him that he changed his plans and took a safe route from work and missed a possible mugging. Your crazy auntie? Maybe from her you learn something on fashion, or how

Jealousy: why do we feel it, and can we live without it?

This is a subject that I feel is VITAL for everyone to think deeply about: are you the jealous type, or perhaps your loved one is? How does it make you feel? Have you seen anything good ever come out of jealousy? I have been in 2 serious relationships in my life and have

A love story: or how to get what you want from life & relationships

This is for people who are looking for their one true love (and trust me, its out there!!) or just if you want to get something which you don't yet have. Our power is limitless, if you really want something - you will get it. But I dont mean the usual kind of want,

How to meditate – or the truth about meditation

I'm sure that if you're reading this then you've probably asked a fair amount of people how to meditate/how they do it. Did you ever receive a straight answer? The truth is, the reason why people usually come up with "umm...I breathe and hmm...focus on my pineal gland" is because...there are just SO many different

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