What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

Just a massage or something more - here's a brief introduction to myofascial release therapy. If you haven’t heard of myofascial release therapy, then you’ve really been missing out! Many of us have suffered from some form of pain or discomfort in the body, whether it be back pain, headaches or constipation, but in the

10 surprising and natural ways of curing constipation

Let's talk about constipation - sadly, it is way too common these days and most people find it embarrassing to talk about, but we really should! Ideally you should be going number two at least once a day. In my personal opinion, if you are eating well, then you shouldn't have to deal with

How to make natural shampoo using bicarbonate soda

For a few years now I have been on a mission to find the best way of washing my hair naturally without using chemical-laced shampoos. I’ve gone over several recipes and put the strangest things in my hair, from a mixture of flour and herbs to eggs and beer. I was too lazy to write

Natural way to prevent PMS – the miracle cure

If you are a woman, there is a good chance that you have experienced the lovely symptoms of PMS at least once in your life. From bloating, to mood swings to unbearable headaches, pre menstrual syndrome is thought to be one of those things that you just have to "bear with" - but this

How to cut and what to do with aloe vera

Aloe vera, as you may know, is a miracle product and has MANY uses. The most useful bit is the inside "gel" which can be used on your skin or taken inside (blended into juices or added to smoothies). If you are lucky to live in a country like Spain, where aloe vera grows

So you’ve gone off the pill, what now? (part 1)

I feel this subject is so important for women to know about. Apparently up to 90% of young people get acne, though to different levels and one in three women in the UK take the pill. I wonder how many of them started because of bad skin... "…synthetic hormones alter the menstrual cycle, so women

Preventing the flu even if your whole office is sneezing around you

I can't believe London's one week of summer is already over and its time to take out the warm jumpers (I don't know why I even put them away..). This also means that people everywhere start getting ill and being in a closed environment, like an office, is a fast way of catching the flu.

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