Fasting vlog (dry and water fast)

Welcome to my very first vlog!

I’ve decided to start vlogging, so here’s my first video! It’s talking about what I’m up to right now – dry and water fasting, currently on day 9.

The video talks about many different things – why I’m fasting, how it feels, what changes it’s doing to my body, how much weight I’ve lost already and a few helpful tips that I recommend to those who wish to try fasting too.

Video 1 – Day 9 of fasting

Video 2 – Day 11 of fasting (coming out of the fast)

You don’t have to fast of course to get a cleanse, there are so many ways to detox yout body, but wait, do detox weeks really work? Read my post about it on Bernardus Sleijser’s blog.

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  1. Hegire

    Hi Dear,

    It is extremely hard to loose weight even being under strict fasting, cause the body stabilizes so you won`t loose more than 200 g a day if you stay home.

    After converted to Catholicism I have done myself a fasting one for one day long and shortly after that 3 days long. Vow, my ego was very happy, cause never heard anybody doing such a thing, and I was fine a while, until by accident, logged into a Hungarian yogis website, where he was explaining how has done a 21 days fast, under strict medical surveillance.

    What? He has done it and me, me… , can not do it. I have to, is a must. Summer was close, left my job, and bought a 30 day trip to the USA. First 3 days had only juices, had diarrhea, left only tea and coffee. After another day dropped the sugar, then coffee alone become too strong and finally I was alright in a week time period. My car rental expired, so I took long interstate bus journeys ~4 days. Then all of a sudden become a homeless in the streets. I was attending Catholic Mass twice a day in a big city, literally eating 2 wafer thin hosts every time. When I reached the magic 21 days, I knew that I am into sg. big, feeling good, so I changed my mind, now going for the 40 days….At night heroin addict kids, were sneaking out of their parents apartments , injecting themselves. Then policemen harassing me that you can not sleep in private areas. A good one woke me up and even gave me $5, but told me to spend it in good faith.

    Back home, was again homeless, but now I was ashamed of people as well. My face was burning. Funny enough started going to the toilet every day. How on earth is possible? Must be divine food, was thinking. Then 10 more days and was over. I remember the last two days ,did not even drink or sleep. I thought I was God…
    Sole Deo Gratia!

    Three years later, planned to repeat the same.. but had to give up quite soon after 10 days having acute hemorrhage, actually I thought everything is over now, started eating in despair and recovered amazingly fast…. At least now I know what was the divine food in the first place. (coagulated blood).

    It`s time to do sg. again I feel, otherwise I am going to die spiritually for this time, which for me is much worse than the real.

    God bless you and be strong!
    P. M

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