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Learn how to be healthy. Create sexy and delicious recipes. No more boring salads. 

Being vegetarian, vegan or raw can be challenging.

Let me show you how to:

Go on dates and parties.

Travel. Pack lunch.

Deal with cravings and hunger.

Handle parents and friends.

And more!

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Raw Food Is A Way Of Life

Find out how you can embrace the lifestyle

I hope you are interested in making some positive changes in your life, as this is much more than just a simple recipe book.
With this e-book I hope to help you understand this path better and guide your transition to a vibrant New You in the easiest way possible.

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Find out more about “How To Be A Raw Foodie”

Learn how to overcome the challenges of living a raw vegan lifestyle, from dating to travelling.

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Lifestyle scenarios
Raw vegan recipes
Pages of kitchen basics

Would you like to learn how to make delicious and healthy recipes?

Become a master in the kitchen

It is my main goal to get you to connect to your body and awaken your intuition, helping you determine what foods are best for you to eat.

Awaken your intuition

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And take the next step on your journey to health.

  • Useful information on how to transition into a healthier lifestyle
  • The perks and challenges of eating raw
  • How your emotional and physical bodies change after going raw
  • How to deal with hunger and cook for yourself at home
  • How to handle ignorance from friends and family
  • How to eat healthy and still manage to travel
  • How to pack your lunch well for work or school
  • How to go out on dates, host parties and have a social life
  • How to deal with cravings and slip-ups back to less healthy food
  • How to use your intuition to find out what’s good or bad for you
  • Common raw food myths debunked
  • Is mono-raw, fruitarianism and liquidarianism too extreme?
  • And of course…lots of delicious raw vegan recipes! 121 to be precise!

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“This is such an amazing book, I even printed it out to keep in the kitchen at all times. The recipes are just mouthwatering, and my kids love them too!”

“I’ve just started going raw and found no literature that actually helped with the social pressures, thank you so much for writing this gem!!!”

“An essential read for anyone on a healthy journey, not just raw! I’m vegetarian and found this really useful! Would highly recommend.”

Table of Contents:

“How To Be A Raw Foodie: A Social, Practical & Intuitive Guide To A Healthier Lifestyle” is more than just a recipe book. Please click the images below for the table of contents.

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