Anya's Recommendations


Kitchen Equipment

Here are some pieces of equipment that I recommend. I use most of these personally. Just click on the buttons to buy from Amazon in the US or the UK.


Vitamix TNC

A Vitamix is THE ultimate blender – every true foodies must-have. The TNC is the affordable option and has great power. Easily grinds up nuts into a super smooth cream and makes hot pumpkin soup.

Vitamix Professional 750

If you’re looking to get your blending up to the next level, then the Vitamix Professional series is the way to go! If you thought the TNC was a beast, then you’ll love this baby!

Blendtec Classic 575

Personally, I would always choose the Vitamix since the price difference isn’t that big, but the Blendtec is the next best blender, in my opinion.

Nutribullet Pro 900

This tiny little blender is great if you’re travelling or if you want something significantly cheaper. Of course, the quality won’t be the same, you’ll have “bits” in your smoothie, but good for beginner smoothies.

Food Processors

Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro

The Breville (or Sage in the UK) Kitchen Wizz Pro is the ultimate food processor. For a full in-depth review (totally genuine, not sponsored), click here.

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro

For a cheaper option, I would go for a Cuisinart food processor. It won’t be as sturdy as the Breville, but it will do most jobs. 


Sedona Combo

This is my favourite dehydrator. There’s even a “raw” button that stops it from overheating, thus keeping your food full of living nutrients. You’ll need this to make my famous granola.

Excalibur with 26hr timer

For a slightly cheaper and very simple version, the Excalibur is pretty great. In fact, I think my Excalibur will outlive my Sedona! Definitely go for the 9-trays, you will regret getting a smaller one.

Excalibur 3926TCDB

This digital Excalibur is very different to its “basic” analog brother. Get this one if you want something more professional and sturdy. Added bonus – a see-through door!



Shun knives are my weakness. Yes, they’re expensive, but once you cut something with a Shun, you won’t want anything else! There are many to choose from, here’s a starter set for most needs.

Victorinox Chef’s Knife

This is a great 20cm knife and very affordable. Perfect for those just starting out. You won’t be disappointed.

Wüsthof classic set

If you want to upgrade to a great set of knives, go for the Wüsthof classic set. They’re a pure joy to use and definitely worth the price.

Kyocera, ceramic

If you’re into ceramic knives, then don’t get anything other than Kyocera. All others will break and stain, but these knives are awesome, I love my ceramics.

Other Accessories


Spatulas are a must in every kitchen. Personally, I love these double-sided ones as it makes sauces easier to take out of the Vitamix.

OXO Mandoline Slicer

I just love the OXO mandoline. It’s super sharp and makes the perfect zucchini “lasagne” slices. Can adjust the size efficiently and can get them super thin, like these beetroot slices.


A spiralizer is a fun bit of kit to have. If you want to make my delicious Pad Thai recipe, then you’ll need this.

Nut milk bag

This is essential if you want to make almond milk, cashew milk etc. Very simple to use.

0.6L Water bottle

It was always so hard for me to find a water bottle that I love, and this one’s my favourite!

350ml Water bottle

And here’s a smaller version, in case the big one doesn’t fit in your bag.

For Chocolatiers

Melanger / Stone Grinder

Surprisingly affordable and comfortable to use, this is an essential piece of equipment if you’ve got a small chocolate business. Also good for making nut butters and grinding up pulses.

Polycarbonate Moulds

If you’re looking to make chocolate professionally or even for yourself but want it to have the best look, then you’ll need polycarbonate moulds.

Digital Thermometer

Getting your chocolate to JUST the right temperature is ESSENTIAL. This thermo gun will let you test the temperature without touching the chocolate.

Steel Bowls

Stainless steel bowls are great for bringing the temperature down of your chocolate, and these are non-slip and have lids – because anything related to chocolate must be sterile.