Recommended Online Tantra & Conscious Sexuality Courses

Are you interested in improving your sex life?

Let’s be honest now, who ISN’T??

Four years ago I thought I was having amazing sex… I thought there was NOTHING that I could do to make it better. But that belief shattered to pieces when I discovered the magic of TANTRA. I felt like a teenager who’s just seen a man naked for the first time and had no idea what to do with him. I felt things in my body that I couldn’t believe were real. Like full-body orgasms and female ejaculations – it’s all totally possible and so easily accessible!

We are designed to feel pleasure beyond anything you can imagine right now. That’s a promise. Not only that, but it makes your connection to yourself and to your partner SO much stronger!

Anyway, you can read a few of my tantric blogs online as I don’t want to go into a long intro. Keeping it short – tantra is something that I’m deeply passionate about and want to share this with the world.

A lot of you have asked me to recommend some good tantric courses.

So I’ve compiled a list of some amazing courses FOR MEN AND WOMEN by the top teachers in their fields, and I hope you like them!! Oh and the great thing is, they’re all online, so you don’t have to chase teachers around the world and get naked in front of strangers!

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Become a Master Lover with Ananda Ma Sarita

Master Lover is for each and every human being out there — whether single or in a relationship… young or old… straight, gay, or experimentative.

It also doesn’t matter whether you’re new or not to Tantra. It’s our promise to you that during this course you will discover, explore, and learn things you haven’t even dreamed of.

This course is for YOU if you’re willing to open your mind and heart to the Tantra teachings. If you want to learn to embrace your masculine and feminine side — the eternal interplay of Yin and Yang.

It’s for you if you want to go deeper into your sexuality to experience life-changing orgasms and powerful soul connection with your beloved.

And finally — it’s for you if you want to use this powerful energy and transform it into spiritual awakening.

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Experience Heart-Opening Intimacy with Mariah Freya


Discover the simple, step-by-step process of how to receive and give a Tantric Yoni Massage and unlock the doors to pleasure you’ve never felt before – whether you’re single, in a relationship or a guy wanting to level up your lover skills

You can have sex that doesn’t feel repetitive and mediocre. Developing a Yoni Massage practice – either alone or with your partner – unlocks that same door for you. And it’s not only about multi-orgasmic ecstasy…

Curious About What Experiencing Yoni Massages Will Do for You? You Will…

  • Experience deep intimacy, towards yourself and your partner (if you have one). This will throw the superficial idea of hollywood romance over board and will take you much, much deeper. I’m talking soul level deeper.
  • Unleash orgasmic pleasures, you didn’t even know existed. Like those full-body orgasms that you read about in women’s magazines. Know that it is not the end, this is the beginning of a new sexual era for you.
  • Liberate yourself from negative emotions. You know, the stuff that keeps making you switch the light off whenever you’re about to get close and intimate (with yourself or your partner). It’s time to feel confident, asking for what you desire (or not) and never disrespect your body again!
  • Heal your Yoni from inside out, so that you can close the chapter of old traumas, fears, and insecurities and finally move on to liberation.
  • Ramp up your lover skills, because even as a giver, you’ll get all the tools you need to support your partner (or future partners) on this exciting wildly pleasurable adventure. They’ll love you for it!
  • Enjoying a new kind of drive, you will feel a fresh kick-start of energies in your system that makes you wake up in the morning and wanna do (sexy) stuff. And you and I both know that can’t hurt!

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Lady Shepsa reveals ancient Taoist secrets that melt away the obstacles to your orgasmic bliss

Many women struggle to orgasm. Most women are somewhat orgasmically limited, and a significant number have never had even a single orgasm.

Statistically, about 75% of women never orgasm from intercourse alone. Two out of three women admit to faking orgasms. Most women experience only one kind of orgasm. This means that merely a handful of women are fully orgasmic, having multiple types of orgasms (yes there’s more than one!) and full body orgasms that vibrate their entire being with ecstasy.

Once you learn the sexual secrets that were passed down from the elders to young women in centuries past, generation after generation, you, too, will be able to break through the chains of negative conditioning. You will have the keys to healing trauma and finding your truth. Your inner Goddess can be free to express herself in wave upon wave of orgasmic bliss.

Is it time for a breakthrough?

When you learn the secrets of tapping into your orgasmic potential you will be amazed at how much energy, personal power, and pleasure you can experience!

Are you ready for delicious deep healing and sweet full body bliss?

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Gain control over your ejaculation and unleash deep multiple orgasms with Eyal Matsliah

Learn How to Last as Long as You Want in Bed, Enjoy Mind-Blowing Sex With Your Partner, and Experience More Sexual Pleasure Than You Ever Thought Possible!

“Did you come already?”
The dreaded question, when she is barely beginning to warm up, and you have shot your load already.

It happens to just about everyone, at some point. But for some, it is a regular event.
Do you experience the frustration of losing control long before your partner is satisfied? Do you find it hard to face your partner’s disappointment?

The Tantric masters learn to perceive, control, and channel many aspects of bodily functioning which are thought by the average person to be impossible to control. Modern science is only now starting to understand how these feats are accomplished.

“Suddenly, I could last as long as I wanted, give my partner incredible orgasms and also experience a whole new world of pleasure!”
As you can imagine, a man with this kind of capability starts to feel incredibly powerful. Not only that – you also open the door to experience the male full-body orgasm, a mind-blowing experience that is simply impossible without control of your ejaculation.

Start your journey to long-lasting sexual pleasure today!

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Find out more and enroll in the online course now

Discover the Power of the Yoni Egg and Awaken Your Orgasmic Aliveness with Sofia Sundari

Every woman is capable of standing fully present in her power and experiencing exquisite orgasms.

So if that’s true, why are so many not there yet?

It’s because we are taught not to. Sexuality in the 21st century is still something that is repressed, we’re not supposed to speak about or claim for ourselves.

There is a lot of conditioning that makes many people believe that sexuality is dirty, and we all carry a degree of shame around it…

Many women live a life disconnected from their vaginas.

This disconnect results in numbness, which is one of the main reasons why we don’t feel pleasure. That’s why so many women don’t feel satisfied with their sex life.

The majority of women simply don’t know how to change their situation, and so they end up giving up on their pleasure altogether.

The answer to the ‘How’ lies in a wonderful practice that was developed thousands of years ago in ancient China.

There it was known that in order to be a powerful leader and live a healthy and prosperous life, members of royal families needed to harness and master their sexual energy. Women were encouraged to hold a crystal in the very core of their being, close to their womb. This practice was kept secret for many years.

But today this long kept secret is no longer hidden. And it is accessible to you!

It is called the Yoni Egg practice.

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