How to make natural shampoo using bicarbonate soda

For a few years now I have been on a mission to find the best way of washing my hair naturally without using chemical-laced shampoos. I’ve gone over several recipes and put the strangest things in my hair, from a mixture of flour and herbs to eggs and beer. I was too lazy to write

Is your shampoo making you sick?

Most of us go through life without realising that everyday things that we consider to be "normal", could well be the things that are making us sick. Yes I'm talking about your shampoo and lipstick and household cleaning products! It's actually quite incredible how many bad things our beauty products contain, but we have been

How to cut and what to do with aloe vera

Aloe vera, as you may know, is a miracle product and has MANY uses. The most useful bit is the inside "gel" which can be used on your skin or taken inside (blended into juices or added to smoothies). If you are lucky to live in a country like Spain, where aloe vera grows

How to make natural deodorant using just one ingredient

This is probably my shortest blog post yet! Honestly, I'm amazed at this discovery!! Even with my hard efforts to keep all of my beauty products natural, my body has always been incredibly fussy with deodorants. And I mean fussy...until a few days ago I could only use ONE BRAND of deodorants - all the

How to make natural shampoo using rhassoul clay

If you've been concerned about the risk that commercial shampoos pose to your health - you're not alone. I won't go into details about that as I've previously written about this here, so this post is purely instructional on how you can make your own shampoo really easy and fast and just requires one

Natural make-up remover in 2 seconds!!

I can't believe I didn't know about this sooner - a natural way of removing make-up without the need to mix ingredients or even worse, itchy chemical solutions! The secret is.... ---OIL--- Olive oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, coconut oil...any kind of oil really! What to do: Put just a little bit of

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