How to make natural deodorant using just one ingredient

This is probably my shortest blog post yet!

Honestly, I’m amazed at this discovery!! Even with my hard efforts to keep all of my beauty products natural, my body has always been incredibly fussy with deodorants. And I mean fussy…until a few days ago I could only use ONE BRAND of deodorants – all the rest, natural or un-natural, would just make it worse (I must have tried at least 30 different types, from salt crystals and talcum powder to mainstream sprays and roll-ons).

Ok I wont hold you any longer as I’m sure you’d like to know what this magical ingredient is…the truth is, you have a choice of TWO!

Thats a lemon and a lime, in case you can’t see the pictures.

Just slice a thin layer and dab it under your armpits. It stings just a little if you put it on after you have just shaved, but it doesn’t last long (at least for me).

And that’s it, smell-free all day! Don’t ask me how it works, all I know is that it WORKS!!

I believe that concentrated lemon that comes in bottles, like this, also works, according to my friends, but I personally havent tried it.

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