So you’ve gone off the pill, what now? (Part 2)

It’s now been just over a month since I gave up the pill and I would like to note down exactly what my body has been going through so you have some idea if you wish to do the same.

Firstly, I am happy to announce that the winner for best anti-acne treatment is…HONEY! Please use natural honey though, like in the link, most cheap honeys have sugar in them, which will just make your skin worse. I was really quite amazed at this simple, yet effective technique. All you do, is put some honey on your face and leave it there for at least 20 minutes (though I’ve fallen asleep with it several times). Over the last month I’ve really noticed a negative correlation between honey and spots, if I didn’t put honey on my face for even one day, I would get a few spots the next morning. Overall I’m quite happy with my face actually, it’s a lot better than I expected after a month!

Besides that, I’ve been also been taking colloidal silver: drinking 2ml several times a day and spraying it on my face. I’ve noticed that by lunch time, my skin gets quite oily, so I’ve made a habit of washing my face at work and spraying some colloidal silver on it. I feel this helps and it’s actually not troublesome at all. I can’t believe that as a teenager I was so incredibly lazy when it came to my skin.

*Please note*: the most important bit of fighting acne is your diet, in my honest opinion, so it’s no good putting a kilo of honey on your face and expecting it to work if you continue to eat KFC 3 times a week. More on this in the next post.

I tried tomatoes and lemons like I mentioned in part 1 of this diary, that works but I decided that I was doing enough as it is, so I only used it a few times.

With other aspects, I’ve noticed a change in my mood: I’ve become somewhat happier (and I’ve read other people saying the same). Also, a lot less mood swings. One think though that certainly stands out is…hunger…for men! Haha, I know that taking the pill is supposed to lower your libido, but I never realised just HOW much! I don’t know if all women experience the same “side effects”, but prepare yourself just in case (out goes my theory that I should give up the pill when I’m single *sigh*).

Also, as I expected, no sign of the “time of the month” – my body must be like “what do you expect, I haven’t done it by myself for 9 years!”. I guess that’s pretty normal under the circumstances, if you don’t stand up for 9 years I’m sure you would forget how to walk for a while too.


After about 3 months, I decided to go back on the pill for 2 reasons:

1) My acne came back really badly and I decided that I need to cure my candida issues first to control the spots

2) I had sex and felt completely unsafe

Update 2015:

It’s interesting looking back at this diary from 2012. I finally had the courage to give up the pill again a few months ago and I’m staying off it for good! I’ve really noticed that being raw for a long time now has made a huge difference and now I have no spots!

A few spots came out in the first few weeks but I made them disappear with apple cider vinegar – just mix 50-50 with water and add a few drops of tea tree oil and dab it on your face with a cotton pad. Works wonders!!

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