A love story: or how to get what you want from life & relationships


This is for people who are looking for their one true love (and trust me, its out there!!) or just if you want to get something which you don’t yet have.

Our power is limitless, if you really want something – you will get it. But I dont mean the usual kind of want, we often say stuff like “I really want this car, but I have no money for it/I dont deserve it/but Im never going to get it” – that sentence contradicts itself, so the universe believes that you will never get it.

I asked the Universe to give me my perfect guy

When I was a teenager, I set up a nice direct line with God/Universe/Source/Essence, or whatever you want to call it, and I wasn’t even spiritual back then. Basically one day when I was about 15, I asked for my “perfect” boy, I described him in great detail, all the features I wanted him to have, even down to his height. I think I must have repeated it several times, and I thought my list of “features” was ideal.

When I was 16, I met that exact match, he was indeed everything I had asked for; kinda freaky actually. After some time though I realised that I had missed out some incredibly crucial things from the list, so we went our separate ways after a few years without drama or stress, just drifted apart.

couple in love together

I thought I had learnt from that experience, so for the next one I decided to “make” (lol it kinda sounds like I was baking gingerbread men that came to life or something!) someone who understood my culture more, but who had experience being in Europe too, as well as many other things – this time the list was longer.

Once more, the universe gave me exactly what I wanted, someone born with similar culture but who grew up in Europe (this is just one thing btw, I’m not going to tell you exactly what I asked for :P). It seemed perfect at first, I’ve never felt closer to anyone, but in the end it also didn’t work out.

But asking for exact features didn’t work out so well…

boho girl with dreadlocks in a white dress, sitting in a field

Some time after that, I just thought “screw that, I’m going to focus on myself for a while, Im going to become the best person I can be, and when the time is right, the ideal person, who will be at my same vibrations, will appear”. I didn’t care this time how tall he would be and if he had a car, I just put my trust entirely in the universe and said that I am happy right now, but when the time is right and I find someone, I will be grateful to the universe for helping me. I let go of all expectations, I let go of the feeling of needing someone in my life. I was just simply enjoying being, and being grateful for anything that life gives me and I found like-minded friends to keep me going – that was incredibly helpful!

How other people can “program” you

There was also a time when I was about 13 and an astrologer put a program in my head by saying that I will find my big love at a certain age, and since all of his other predictions came true, it must have stuck in my head. My mum practically forced me to let go of that silly program some 10 years later (thanks mum!) – after all, my star sign doesn’t control my life, but for a while I believed it to be true, and so it was for me.

What happened next?

couple in love, hugging at christmas

So will all expectations gone, with all programs erased, I went away for a weekend out in nature with my grandma, to the Ringing Cedars Festival in Russia…and met this guy…

I don’t think I could have ever created someone like that with my “lists”, not even in my dreams did I imagine someone like this to even exist! The way he treated me, the way he talked – I was in shock for weeks! Turns out, this particular experience was given to me as a very valuable lesson, but I also learned from it to stop making gingerbread men and to just trust the Universe to find me the perfect man…clearly it knows what I need better than me.

So to conclude…its good to know what you want and what you don’t (and this doesn’t just apply to relationships), but in the end, surrendering yourself to higher powers is sometimes the best thing you can do. After all, you may deserve a hell lot more than you ask for!!

couple in love in bed

The continuation of this story is here – 5 years later – Why I gave up my Prince Charming and don’t regret it


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    AWWWWW, AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT 😀 Is soooo true 🙂 And the universe has found you the perfect man, yay!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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