Coincidence, synchronicity and intuition

Life can be pretty incredible when you watch out for signs and events that seem like coincidence at first, but personally I don’t believe in coincidences! It is no coincidence that I’m writing about this now as I’ve had several signs pointing me towards it and when you learn to listen to what the Universe is telling you, you can figure out what is the right thing to do or the right path to take.

Here are a few examples of the times I had experienced very clear signs or listened to my intuition. I hope this helps you look out for patterns in your life too!

The time I kept seeing Phoenix everywhere

phoenix dragon fire

Last year (2011) I was planning my trip to Sedona to see Drunvalo Melchizedek. The airport there is called Phoenix. It was a big expensive trip so my mum and I weren’t sure if we should go. Over the course of several weeks, we both had several signs that we need to go, such as pictures of Phoenixes on Facebook and meeting people who have been to Sedona. The very last sign was when I walked home down a street called Phoenix – that was enough for me! The trip ended up to be one of the best of our lives!

The “accidental” meeting

Anya Andreeva talking with friend. Photo credit: Avneesh Kumar

This week, my best friend was coming to London and since she hasn’t got a UK phone, she said she would whatsapp me when she gets home so maybe we can meet for lunch. I’m sitting at work, its already 3pm and she hasn’t text me yet, and I have this deep urge to go right NOW and walk towards her house. All the way there I had an image in my head that I would see her right on the street, but my logical mind kept thinking nah that would be too cool. As I get there, my gut feeling pulled me towards the end of the street behind the corner (even though my logical mind kept telling me to go, since I could clearly see there was no one there) and guess what, there she was still with her suitcase – lost 🙂 The shock on her face was too funny! I couldn’t explain to her how I knew she was there apart from that I listened to a feeling.

How I freaked out my friends

restaurant tables and chairs

Yesterday, a colleague of mine was showing me photos of a restaurant she was going to go to on her date. As we were flicking through, there was one of a fireplace with two statues on either side, and I don’t know why but I said, “I bet you’re going to sit there tonight”. Yeah you can probably see where this is going – this morning she told me she sat in that very spot (by waiter’s choice).

This same week, I was choosing what to wear in the morning and picked up a top I would only wear in summer, considered it and put it away. That same evening I saw a friend who was wearing that same top.

Three times in one week – awesome! Though perhaps it happens all the time, but I don’t notice it.

How often do you watch out for signs and listen to your intuition??

I dare you to keep a diary for a week and notice all the signs that the Universe is giving you. Maybe you’re seeing the same person on the bus to work, or perhaps your gut is telling you to go on this particular road today – pay attention to the smallest details and feelings, and you might just be guided to something wonderful!

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