Jasmuheen’s pranic living retreat, France

Dates: 11-14 October 2013

UPDATE: Jasmuheen has confirmed dates for the next workshop in Marbella, Spain for June 2015 – please see details here.

In October 2013 I had the pleasure of taking part in a retreat in France hosted by Jasmuheen. If you are unfamiliar with her work, Jasmuheen is an Ambassador of Peace (founder of the Embassy of Peace), an international lecturer, a researcher of pranic living (living on light), an artist, an author of 35 books and in my opinion, one of the world’s greatest living masters. Jasmuheen’s meditations are known world-wide for their healing effect and improving self-mastery and increasing happiness. On a personal note, Jasmuheen is very feminine and beautiful, and she radiates pure love as I have never seen before.

The retreat took place over 4 days, and here I will write about what we did each day as well as a little bit about the place itself, check out some of the photos below:

Each day consisted of lectures as well as 3 daily meditations to increase our prana (i.e. our cosmic micro-fuel that we can live off instead of food) percentage in the body. We were given techniques to communicate with our essence to find out more about our bodies and our lives in general. I won’t give everything away as you will want to hear some of these things in person, and it really makes a difference, I’m just writing down my experiences for anyone who is wondering about the general structure to the retreat (please bear in mind that each retreat will be customised to the group, so your experience may be totally different to mine).

Jasmuheen calls her retreats a gathering of Masters, as she does not believe she is a teacher, but that we are all the same. You can feel this is true from the way she acts and speaks. This year is her 20th anniversary of living on light.

The retreat was not focused entirely on living on prana, she simply recommends a certain lifestyle, and being able to live without food is just a “side effect” of it, but not the main goal (she wasn’t even looking for this gift when it was given to her). Of course most people are curious about the food aspect so I will write quite a bit about that.


She told us about her most recent interest – sound and toning. This came to her when she broke a rib and was guided to heal it using sound – she experimented with the sounds that different vowels make and chose the one that resonated with her bones in order to heal them quicker. We used our own voices during the retreat quite a few times and it was a wonderfully new experience for me that really resonated with my essence.

Breath Test:

One of the first practical things we did was learn how to speak to our essence using our breath. When we make a statement (out loud or in your head) we may not always know if it is true or not, but our essence will know and our physical bodies will have a reaction to what you are saying – this is what we need to look out for. If you are using the breath test, if you tell a lie, your breath will go up to your throat and constrict a little. If you tell the truth, your breath will generally go down and expand. This is a general rule and others may have totally different reactions, like Jasmuheen reacts with her nose and not her throat.

Sway Test:

A slightly simpler way of talking to your essence is one you may know of, it is an ancient aboriginal technique and really works. You stand up straight and you, again, say a statement and your body will sway itself forward for a “yes” and backwards for a “no”.

Personally I’ve always done it sitting down and my head swings forwards/backward for a “yes” and sideways for a “no” but I agreed with my body in advance to do that. However I’ve always asked questions, and Jasmuheen recommends saying statements instead. After trying it her way, I get much clearer answers and I now prefer this method.

You can use these tests to find out anything you want, but it may take some time to figure out what your clear signs are so you don’t doubt yourself – this will come, I promise!

Testing prana percentage in the body:

We used the above techniques to test how much prana we have in our bodies. This is done so you know how much of your physical body needs external nourishment (food). For example, if you have 50% prana, then you can safely cut down your food intake by 50% and you will feel great.

The statement we used was: “Prana currently provides more than 50% of my PHYSICAL body nourishment”. If you get a positive answer, continue asking about 60%, 70% and so on until you get your number.

Why is this important?
If you know you can safely skip one meal out of 3 a day, you are already helping the world’s resources, think of it as a gift to the planet. If human beings continue to eat the way they are now, by 2050 we will need 3 earths to feed us all. Today, if 10% of the worlds population was vegetarian, we could easily feed 11 billion people.

This is also important because it doesn’t just tell us about food, but about how effective our lifestyles are – the higher the %, the better our lifestyle is (and if it is too low, we get sick).

If you are eating 3 meals a day and your prana is at 90%, then you will likely put on weight too, as you are receiving almost double nourishment.

This is also important if you think you are ready for giving up physical food completely. If your prana is only at 70% for example, your body will be in fasting mode and you will lose weight, as that 30% still needs external nourishment. This is a big reason why people who try to do the 21 day program fail.

Why is PHYSICAL in capitals?
This is important to distinguish – you can calculate the prana % of your physical body alone, or your mental body, or emotional, or your system as a whole. If you want to find out how much food you can safely take out from your diet, you should only ask for your physical body, as the readings will be very different – give it a try and see for yourself.

Prana % in our mental and emotional bodies can change for a number of reasons, for example, death of a family member will have an effect on our emotional body.

It is also possible to find the prana % of each individual organ. This will tell you which part of your body needs extra attention, and you can focus on this place during your meditations to supply it with more energy.

It is also possible to have over 100% prana in our system, this is how breatharians actually put on weight, so don’t panic if your reading seems off the charts.

What happens if you start living on prana and decide to go back to eating food?

Once you open the gateway to pranic nourishment, it will never close, so you will not need or want to eat as much food as you did before. It’s like starting up an old car again, it will still work, though your body will no longer know what to do with the food it receives and is likely to just store it as fat (since it will be nourished from 2 sources – prana and food).

Colon cleansing:

Jasmuheen really recommends cleaning the intestines (as high up as possible) when you make dietary changes (omnivore to vegetarian, or vegetarian to liquidarian, etc) as meat can sit and rot in your poor colon for up to 20 years. The world’s only “true” breatharian that she knows of (Zinaida Baranova – does not eat OR drink) was still eliminating faeces 7 years after living on prana. In Jasmuheen’s book “Food for Gods”, she talks about who to prepare your body and how to clean it.


Every day before our meditation, we would start by loving our bodies. We would physically wake up every bit of ourselves and tell it how much we love it. This was a wonderful way to start the day and I could feel my confidence, self esteem and love for myself increasing with each day after this short exercise.

I will not go into great detail about the meditations as they will be different on all retreats, customised for your group. If you would like an idea, have a look at Jasmuheen’s YouTube channel, she has quite a few short meditations there.

Jasmuheen’s voice is very soothing and amazing to listen to during a guided meditation (it’s her singing in the video above). She does not speak much, which took some time for me to get used to as I can get quite restless if I am doing “nothing”, but after a while this was a great way to be present and actually sit still for long periods of time (our meditations lasted at least an hour each). The guidance was beautiful and it just felt so right. One interesting thing she taught us was how to connect to the pineal gland – by squeezing our Kegel muscles (clitoris or scrotum) and sending energy up from our genitals to the pineal.

She also teaches a beautiful breathing technique – as you breathe in, you inhale prana through every single cell in your body (and not just in through the prana tube as most people teach). This is now my favourite way of breathing and after doing so, your prana % increases significantly.

Daily mantras:

Jasmuheen recommends 3 main mantras to say to yourself during meditation or just as you go about your day (I use these all the time, it feels great). You can say these out loud or in your head.

1) (on inhale) I am (on exhale) love.
This aligns our cellular structures to love frequency, however we do not want these energies to stay in us, we want them to move on and circulate through the world, so we nourish everything

2) (on inhale) I am (on exhale) eternal.
This reminds our cellular structure of our immortal nature and that we have external immortal nature flowing through us.

3) (on inhale) I am (on exhale) infinite.
This reminds our cellular structure that we have infinite nature flowing through us.

After our morning meditation, we talked a little more to our essence to find out about what we should do with our lives, for example, a lot of people saw that they should get more creative. These were specific questions that Jasmuheen asked and then explained to us what they mean.

The state of the planet:

This was a curious discussion that everyone enjoyed, as Jasmuheen told us about the state of our planet as was described to her by star beings.

I won’t go into much detail as it is a lot more interesting to hear it from her, but in a few words, by the end of 2012, 6.5 billion people exited the zone of “duality’ onto a higher level (this doesn’t mean that they are all meditating and living in love, but that they have reached a point of “this is enough, Im sick of this war, there has to be a better way to live, this is not right”). 98% of people’s hearts are pure, they want good things for their families and to live in peace.

The 500 million people who are still stuck in duality (all about “me me me”) need to undergo 4 initiations: money, sex, power and fame. Don’t bother trying to change them, they will only shift their consciousness when they are ready from deep within their hearts. You can plant seeds, but don’t be attached to the outcome.

Human history as told by star beings:

The human being is the most incredible of species ever created. We were created from 22 of the best species from all galaxies and dimensions, and no other beings have the ability to achieve what we can achieve.

First, we were all in a white hole/Great Central Sun/God or whatever you wish to call it. We then decided to have an adventure and expanded our consciousness into the Elohim realm. Soon we expanded an octave further, just for fun, into the angelic realm/dimension. Then further into Christ/Buddha consciousness, and even further, where we saw others, like the Pleades, Andromeda, Sirius, Orion. Here it was denser and so we took more solid forms.

At this point we were told that if we go any denser, we will get amnesia and forget who we are, forget the universal law etc. but we wanted further adventure. For continuing, we are considered the most courageous, but we always knew that eventually we would expand beyond this density and remember.

The Kogi Mamos:

There is a tribe in Colombia called the Kogi Mamos who did not forget who they are (originally they are from Venus). I have personally read much information about the Kogi Mamos and they truly fascinate me, I would really recommend reading more about them (like their special children spend 9 years in a cave, living in total darkness, whereas the highest of them, spend 36 years in darkness). They are the most incredible people, they live completely without judgement and in perfect love and harmony with the planet.

Jasmuheen told us about their ceremonies. When a child is born, or when there is a marriage, the whole village gets together and sings a song of pure hearted love. They know that through song they open their hearts, this has a different vibration to normal praying and has a different effect. When someone in a tribe dies, they sing a song of sorrow to show compassion, followed by a song of happiness that comes straight from the heart.


We sent golden-violet light to our organs and at the end we were asked to sing our song of love, sorrow and happiness (in this order) straight from our hearts. This was a little hard for me personally to do in such a big group (there were 50 of us), so I closed by ears to he able to concentrate inside myself better – that worked like a charm.

In the evening meditation, everything was normal until this one moment, in the middle of the meditation, Jasmuheen’s voice changed, as did the whole atmosphere in the room. It felt like there was a being with us (and I’ve never felt anything like that before, but I was certain that that is what it was) and my suspicions were confirmed when she said “your planet”. She was channelling the Divine Mother. She spoke of beautiful things and her presence made me go into a state of such gratitude! I walked out of the room and just wanted to stay out in nature as much as possible and went silent until the morning after. I just kept thinking how thankful I am for everything and that I am ready to bring more lightness into my life.

Why does she no longer recommend the 21 say process (go breatharian in 21 days)?

The 21 day process only has a 10% long term success rate and it is too fast for people’s social and emotional adjustment. The slower process has a 70% success rate and it is a more natural way of going about it.

Living on prana is like a love affair, you don’t tell a man you just met that you want to marry him and have 2 kids! You want to take it slow and let it grow into love. Don’t grab the love, just like we shouldn’t grab the gift of living on prana. The greatest gifts come when you least expect them, you just need to take the path of alignment and allowance – then things will happen naturally and most importantly…they will last!

Levels of nutrition:

Jasmuheen told us that there are 6 main nutrition categories that everyone in this world belongs to and are pre-programmed for. If you want to find out what category you are destined to be at some point in your life, use the breath or sway technique described above. I made a little image to show these nutrition levels:

How strict should you be if you decide to go breatharian:

Jasmuheen is very open about the fact that she still drinks and once in a while may have a piece of fruit (because of her grandchildren). She does’t believe that just because you can live completely on light that you should, everyone has the right to enjoy a small piece of fruit once in a while if they so wish (not out of need, but for the pleasure). Unfortunately in our world people get very judgemental, and so she advices to not call yourself breatharian, otherwise others may criticise you if they see you having a cup of tea. Just keep reminding yourself that it is no one’s business what you eat or do not eat, and if you can live on light, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Weight loss and gain as you transition to living on light:

We checked what our essence thinks our perfect weight should be at this very moment. It was interesting to see that mine was just right, even though I had put on lots of weight the last few months (perhaps it was to help me with the fast I ended up doing after the workshop).

Some people get nervous that as they transition to a lighter lifestyle, they will drastically lose weight – this is often because you are expecting to lose weight, its pre-programmed in your head. You can actually choose what weight you want to be, if you don’t want to drop below 50kg, then tell your essence that you will not lose a kilo more than that. Otherwise, your body knows the perfect weight that you should be, so surrender to it and in time it will stabilise (unless you have something emotional going on, in which case you should deal with that first).

Some people, like Zinaida Baranova, put on weight whilst living entirely on prana because they attract love like a magnet. For such people, you need to do more service for others to let that love flow out of you, and not accumulate it.

Having a baby whilst living on prana:

If you want to get pregnant, there are 2 options for you:

1) Do your conversion and stay in category 5 (only liquids, no food) for some time until you know without a doubt that it is possible for you to live like this. If you are 100% sure, then have the baby.

2) Have your baby first, and then convert.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, it can affect how the child is being nourished as they grow, so you must be completely certain. I watched videos of this breatharian couple who had a baby, and he is perfectly healthy (they may be born a little smaller though). Prana-babies still breastfeed, that is natural and its their instinct to do so.

If your baby wants physical food, they will let you know, otherwise, its your choice how you decide to raise them. They may be pre-programmed to be the same as you, and so they will prefer liquids. It is important in such cases to educate your family not to give your baby food, just because it makes them feel happy (gosh this is hard enough when you’re a raw vegan like me, my grandmother in Russia just gets depressed that I don’t eat any of her food!).


In a meditation, if it is real, you will never forget it. If you forget, then it is likely that it was your imagination. I never knew that before, thought that was interesting.

To a certain extent it is important how long you meditate for, as with patience you can open doors to greater gifts. There are times when 15 minutes a day is not enough, and to get what you really needed to get out of the meditation, you need to be there for an hour, or maybe even two or three.

We did some more toning during our meditations today, wow, when Jasmuheen starts to sing I get shivers all over my body, its so touching, I can’t even describe how it feels. I found it very hard to release sound as I kept crying the second I made any noise. This exercise really helped me open up my throat chakra, as after the workshop I couldn’t stop singing!


In the evening, we had a little dance session, the lights were off and we just let our bodies flow to the sound of different styles of music. It was a lovely ending to the day as it got our bodies moving after sitting down all day. We also had a little exercise in pairs at the end, where we really let our feelings come out.

Cancer and lightworkers:

We spoke a little bit about cancer, as this is one of the preferred ways for light workers to leave planet earth lately. Jasmuheen explains that cancer is just cells that are so full of stuff (stress, frustration, anger etc), that there is no space left for life-force, and therefore everything shuts down. She actually manifested cancer in the early 2000’s, partly to write the book “Harmonious Healing” – so she can tell people that anything is possible to beat.

A recipe to stop world suffering:

This was a wonderful conversation, Mother Mary came to Jasmuheen a little while ago, and through the help of many other beings, they came up with an 8-point recipe for peace. Again, this is a pretty big topic so I will write a separate blog about it as soon as possible!

Kogi Mamos ritual – meditation:

I absolutely loved todays meditations, there was a lot going on, so my mind was not distracted. In the first meditation we connected to our pineal glands and sent energies flowing in different ways through our bodies.

Our last meditation was something I haven’t experienced before, it was truly magical. It was based on the rituals done by the Kogi Mamos every day. They gather together and work on a certain area of the world to improve its state, e.g. they will draw pollution out of a particular river, or they will remove nuclear waste from the earth etc. As we are doing everything possible to pollute our poor planet even more, the Kogi’s need help to do this work.

We took 2 pieces of special cotton string (brought by Jas from the Kogi’s themselves), one in each hand. The string acts as a magic wand, we use it to draw energies, transmute and neutralise them. A lot of people also find that it helps them focus and stay more grounded during meditation.

During the first part of the ritual, we had to picture someone before us who had an issue/problem. We saw Kogi shamans around us in their light bodies, helping us. We then sent love from our heart chakra to the person we are focusing on and after a while you see them letting things go. The energy that no longer serves them got sucked into the strings we were holding, like a magnet, and you can see a violet flame just at the tip of the string. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve personally done as I really saw and felt everything.

During the second part of this meditation, we did a similar thing with the earth, and then focused on a particular problem. This was an incredibly powerful ritual, many people were in tears.

The end of the retreat:

The retreat ended with the beautiful meditation/ritual described above, the perfect ending to a perfect retreat. It was an absolute pleasure being around Jasmuheen and learning from her, and I feel like it has changed my life for the better, even if most of it is probably sitting in my subconscious.

After the retreat, I got the calling to go on my first ever week-long fast, which I survived without any ill side effects whatsoever, and I think it is mainly because of these few days in France. I no longer feel dependent on food (this was a HUGE issue for me, kind of like smoking is for some people) and am now trying to get used to not feeling hunger several times a day.

I was also inspired to live my life lighter in every way, not just food wise. To lighten up my emotions, and to be free of judgement of myself or others.

Thank you Jasmuheen for your wise words, loving heart and the joyful glow that you radiate, that inspires people to want to live a life filled with happiness.

The retreat was held at a chateau called Domaine du Fan, which is located in La Souterraine, France. From Paris, we took a train from Gare d’Austerlitz early morning and it took about 2.5 hours getting to La Souterraine station (about 45 euros one way). From there, it was another 30 minute drive via shuttle (15 euros each, one way).

The chateau was incredibly simple, nothing fancy at all. It also had a lot of space, despite how it looks (we were 50 people). Whats incredible about the place, is that the owner (Susana) is a lovely spiritual woman, and she put all wiring etc into the ground, so there are no cables running through the walls, and no wifi. This makes the rooms unbelievably quiet and peaceful to sleep in, and you feel very rested in the morning.

The surrounding are was just stunning, there is an old grandmother cedar tree in the back garden which is spectacular. It is 180 years old and it quite literally talks to people and calls them to this place. I’ve never seen anything like it, and the smell it had was just mind-blowing! There were many forests and fields to walk around during our breaks, and we were lucky a few times when the sun came out as it was so lovely.

The downside – it was freeeeeezing, and not just because I just came from Bali. They didn’t turn on the central heating, instead we had 2 small heaters in the room, which barely made a difference, and one of them lit up the whole room as we slept (and it was impossible to sleep with it off). Susana did give us 3 blankets each though.

The food was the most disappointing thing from the whole retreat, being a raw vegan was entertaining as the cook had no idea what to do with us, and just kept giving us the same salad every day (for 25 euros a day, and we could not get out of the “deal” because we confirmed we will be eating in advance). For others it was even more boring as the food was completely tasteless (I had a try once when all raw food ran out) and had no imagination behind it, so everyone ate our raw food. I don’t want to complain really as in all fairness, we did go there to learn how to live without food, and this certainly helped with us not wanting to have lunch.

Just a recommendation – as you come off the train, ask the shuttle to stop at a supermarket and buy some things you may want to eat.


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  1. Bernard Johannes Sleijster

    Thank you so much for this beautifully written article. It’s so hard to find honest reviews of events like this, you really did a great job!
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  2. alu

    Beautiful! Jasmhueen is an amazing human being and you been so receptive to her work makes you and amazing human being also. things will definitely change for the best if we keep concentrating on the goodness in all. glad you enjoyed it!
    just one thing it is ColOmbia, with O instead of U, and Mamos, not Mamas. Had to let you know!!!!
    love and light!

    1. Anya

      Thank you so much for pointing that out 🙂 My iPad didn’t like writing MamOs and I haven’t had a chance to proof-read it yet. I definitely agree with what you said, I feel my life has been changing for the better the last few years, and people around too, especially when you have the chance to receive guidance from beautiful people like Jasmuheen

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