Why you should try solo travel at least once in your life

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Solo travel is something that’s become massively popular in the past few years, and it’s completely easy to see why this has become so popular – and it’s even more so amongst women, although women are not primarily the only ones who travel solo, but statistics do show that women are more likely to travel solo, and the funny thing is about it is that there are so many varied groups so, really it shows that travel appeals to everyone of all ages and backgrounds, and in this post we want to share with you why you should try solo travel at least once, so if you’ve been nervous about the prospect of travelling solo or other people have been trying to put you off but you really want to try it anyway, then hopefully we can help inspire you and encourage you to at least try solo travel one time.

It will build your confidence:

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Travelling solo can definitely be a scary thought, especially if you’ve never been in a foreign country on your own before, you have to do things like book flights, get on those flights, worry about things going wrong or what you’re going to eat, etc, but the funny thing about solo travel is is that many of those fears are just that – they’re only fears that exist in your mind and once you actually get there you see that things are great and that you can really do a lot of things on your own, and this gives you a lot of confidence in yourself which is a great thing to have in life. Once you’ve traveled solo and built this conference up in yourself it gives you the confidence to do other things, such as explore other opportunities in your life – whether that’s on a personal level, professional level or just more travel and it’s really a great thing and a gift to give yourself.

It will show you how capable you are:

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Growing up in this world requires us to be independent and capable as we get older, but there’s a whole new level of capability that’s required when you travel on your own – for one thing you’re in a different country where you don’t understand the culture, or perhaps even the language, and then you’re required to do things like get yourself around each day, look for work, buy food, find a studio apartment for rent if you’re planning on staying in apartments, book hotels, or doing whatever you need to do when just surviving day-to-day in your life, and that can really be a challenge when you’ve never done this before even in your own country, and now you’re having to do it in a new country, but the great thing about solo travel is that it really shows you how truly capable you are.

It’s a true sense of freedom:


Travelling in and of itself is a great sense of freedom, but when traveling solo there’s even more to feel free about  – first and foremost you don’t have to worry about adhering to anyone else’s schedule, you can do exactly as you wish when you wish and how you wish – this means that you can go out and eat when you want, you can explore the country around you, and you can even make the choice to go and hang out with other people, or you can simply enjoy your own company. The great thing about solo travel is that you’re completely on your own and that you have no one else to answer to except yourself, and that is one of the most things and liberating things about solo travel that really make it a magical experience that you should try.

You’ll meet amazing people:

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Just because you’re travelling solo, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have the company of other people – it’s just that travelling solo allows you to choose when and where you connect with them.

The good thing about solo travel is that many people are doing it for the same reason – they want to be on their own on their own schedule most of the time, but then meet people when they feel like it, for example, to do activities like white water rafting or even take a cooking class together, and when you go solo travelling, you’ll have the opportunity to meet really great people from all over the world – whether that’s other people solo travelling themselves or even the locals so you can get to know and understand about about their culture.


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