Things to do in Miles City, Montana (MT), USA

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Montana is scarcely populated but abundant in natural beauty with numerous mountain ranges, western parts of great prairies, the largest lake west of Missouri, and stunning National Parks. In the eastern region of the State, an excellent hub for exploring majestic Montana is Miles City where you can also experience the authentic Wild West period.

Things to do in Miles City MT

Weather in Miles City MT

With its high elevation around 2,369 ft Miles City experiences long and relatively arid and cold winters, and hot summers with more precipitation. The best period for visiting Southwest Montana is between June and September when the weather is warmer. At the same time, this is high season, though you will not find big crowds around Miles City.

If you like winter sports, Montana has excellent ski resorts.

Foreign visitors must have a Visa to come and enjoy the vastness and natural beauty of Montana. ESTA Visa application is an online procedure that has a detailed questionnaire and a small fee. The administration will determine based on your answers, whether you are eligible to enter the US. This program is only for tourists and guests from Visa Waiver countries.

Miles City MT attractions

Miles City is a small town in southeast Montana first settled in the late 19th century after the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Downtown Miles City has the second oldest bar in the State. The Montana Bar opened in 1908. Among other notable early 20th century buildings you can explore City Hall and Fire station, and two late 19th century buildings are Commercial Block and Dr.Redd’s Brick Building. You will get a sense of the ambient from early settlement days.

You can learn more about history in Range Riders Museum that covers Native American history and has exhibits from pioneers of the Great Plains, weapons and items from soldiers like General Custer (the name of the county) and General Miles (the name of the town).

Although Miles City is relatively small, it has an impressive Waterworks Art Museum with frequent exhibits and a permanent collection of contemporary art.

Another popular attraction is Tongue River Winery, the only such establishment in Montana, where despite the climate Tounge Winery has consistent success with its numerous wines.

Miles City has numerous outdoor activities to offer like golfing at the Miles City Town and Country club. There are many hiking trails around the Tongue and Yellowstone rivers, and you can go cycling both on and off-road.

Camping in Miles City Montana

Miles City has a relatively modest accommodation offer with a couple of Inns and Miles City Hotel. But with a stunning look at the night sky over Montana, you can choose some of the towns camping grounds.

Big Sky Camp and RV Park has all the necessary amenities, and clean camping grounds with excellent reviews. Another great RV park is Miles City KOA on the outskirts of the town. The park is situated under large Cottonwood trees near the place where Tongue River empties into the Yellowstone. Other local attractions like Riverside Park, Natural Oasis Pool, and downtown historical places are also nearby.

Outside of the Miles City, you can find Twelve Mile Dam Park, where you can rest with your camper or RV. This part of Tongue River is known as a fishing place.

Before going to Montana, set your reminders to check my ESTA status. Once you get a Visa, it is time to make a detailed itinerary. You can visit America in a period of two years, and for up to 90 days. You can give at least some of your time for exploring great State Montana. In the Southwest, you can find Glendive Dinosaur and fossil museum, Makoshika State Park, and similar museums in Glendive and Ekalaka. Montana dinosaur trail includes skeletons from many species including Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Southeast Montana has plenty of guided tours like boating in Bighorn Canyon, visiting wild horses in the Pryor Mountains, or historical tour of the Little Bighorn Battlefield.

Montana maybe has one winery, but only Billings has six breweries, and throughout the State, you have the opportunity to try craft beers. The State is home to some historic US military forts like Fort Keogh in Miles City or Fort Smith in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.


Eating a large dinner, drinking local beer or wine is a great way to take a break from sightseeing around numerous state attractions. Why not try something new? Whether you explore prehistoric dinosaur fossils or Native American history, gaze at the night sky, or admire the atmosphere and museums that tell the Wild West story, Southeast Montana is an excellent choice for vacation. Fishing, hunting, cycling, hiking, and skiing are all activities you can have in the vast and majestic State of Montana. Miles City is part of the Great Plains and a gateway to the Rocky Mountains that arise in the western part of the State.


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