Super foods: the what’s and why’s


Some foods are unusually SUPER rich with nutrients and are therefore considered to be a great addition to our daily meals. If a food is deemed to be “super” then it is in some manner of superior quality with respect to the health benefits it provides. It is often used as a form of natural medicine, which is of course better than taking pills.

Superfoods are free of GMO’s, have a history of healing use by ancient cultures and are mostly produced in an ethical and sustainable way.

There are many different kinds of superfoods, I will list a few here, with a short description.


is native to Peru, where they have used it to boost their health for thousands of years.

Nutritional properties of maca:

❂ vitamin C
❂ calcium
❂ phosphorus
❂ vitamins B1, B2 and B12
❂ fatty acids
❂ fibre

What does maca help with:

❂ fatigue
❂ infertility
❂ menopause symptoms in women
❂ sexual/erectile dysfunctions in men (increased sperm count and mobility) and women
❂ increases sexual desire and stamina
❂ helps regulate hormones during menstruation (OMGGG it REALLY WORKS!!)
❂ aids cancer treatment

How to eat maca:

Maca in the Western world usually comes as a powder, its sweet-ish and has a curious but nice aftertaste. It’s great in smoothies and for adding to porridges or cereals in the morning (just mix it before pouring the nut milk). 1 tea spoon to one table spoon per serving.

Get organic maca powder here.


(also: wolfberries) are native to the Himalayas.

goji berries in a wooden bowl

Nutritional properties:

❂ more vitamin C than most oranges
❂ more beta-carotene than carrots
❂ filled with powerful antioxidants (10 more than red grapes)
❂ vitamin A (anti ageing)

What do they help with:

❂ diabetes
❂ high blood pressure
❂ fever
❂ anti ageing effects and helps with age related eye problems
❂ they influence the activation of cancer causing agents and decrease risk of cancer
❂ increase levels of protective liver enzymes
❂ boosts brain health

How to eat them:

They are mainly sold dried, can be added to smoothies, your morning porridge or cereal, or just eaten by themselves. They are quite sweet and have a pleasant taste. Eat as many as you like (well maybe don’t overdo it by eating 500g in one go)

Get organic goji berries here.


Yeees the primary ingredient in chocolate is actually a superfood, it just the milk and sugar in “normal” chocolate that’s bad for you.

Sugar free raw chocolate nutella by Live Love Raw

Nutritional properties of cacao:

❂ antioxidants
❂ vitamin C
❂ omega 6 fatty acids
❂ highest whole food source of magnesium (helps peristalsis in the bowels)
❂ anandamide (causes a feeling of “bliss” and is the only food that does so!)
❂ seratonin (helps you de-stress and makes you feel good)

What does cacao help with:

❂ weight loss (due to high content of chromium and coumarin)
❂ prevention of cavities (yes can you believe it!)
❂ regulation of blood sugar (good for diabetes)
❂ benefits the heart and the entire cardiovascular system
❂ clinically proven to dissolve plaque build up in arteries, reversing heart attacks

How to eat cacao:

Do you really need me to write this?? Let your imagination floooow!! Cacao comes in the form of powder, butter and cacao nibs – all super awesome for making raw desserts. Melt it, mix it, sprinkle it and let your creativity take over!

Random cacao fact:

The world’s oldest documented person to ever live (122 years old Jeanne Louise Calment of France) said that her secret to long life was…wait for it… 1.1 KILOGRAMS of dark chocolate…a WEEK!! Now lets not all rush out to buy bags of cacao, that’s a little excessive!

Get organic cacao powder here.


is native to Peru, where they have used it to boost their health for thousands of years.

spirulina in powder and tablets

Nutritional properties of spirulina:

❂ made up of 65-71% protein
❂ vitamin B2 and B12 (250% more than in beef liver)
❂ copper
❂ calcium
❂ magnesium
❂ zinc
❂ iron
❂ phosphorus

What does spirulina help with:

❂ weight loss
❂ cleanses the liver
❂ rich in antioxidants
❂ increases mental alertness
❂ balances blood sugar
❂ lowers cholesterol
❂ strengthens the immune and nervous systems
❂ helps regenerate new blood cells
❂ removes toxic metals from your body, such as lead and mercury

How to eat spirulina:

It comes as a deep green powder and will colour anything you eat green. It has a rather unpleasant smell, and tastes a little bitter, so I like to “hide” it in smoothies (though its odd eating a green breakfast) or certain salad mixtures. 10-20 grams a day is a nice amount.

Get organic spirulina powder here.


This list is not yet complete, it will be filled up over time. Please be patient with me!


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  1. Bernard Johannes Sleijster

    I want to try maca and spirulina!
    ~ Bernard Sleijster

  2. Lena imhof

    Hi you, thank you for this page:) a friend of mine had a bag of such a superfoodmix and so I ordered a bag from my sister as she lives in Peru…
    Now I wanted to know more… Today will be my first breakfast with my new powder:) yay

    1. Anya

      How great, maca is the best in Peru, last time I brought so much back with me 🙂

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