Raw kelp noodles

I’m moving in a few weeks and during packing I found a box of kelp noodles under my bed (as you do) – so since I have to eat them all before I go, I decided to experiment and it actually turned out very nice!!

Earlier last week I made some almond butter and had no clue what to do with it – it was PERFECT for this recipe!

What you will need:

For the noodles:

A bag of kelp noodles (340g)
1/3 courgette (julienned)
1 small carrot (julienned)
1 tomato

For the sauce:

2-3 tb.sp. almond butter
1/2 t.sp. honey (my almond butter already had honey and it tasted great)
2 tb.sp. raw apple cider vinegar
2-4 tb.sp. soya sauce/tamari/liquid aminos (quantity depends on how you like it, start off with a bit)
1-2 tb.sp. capers
Salt (a sprinkle to soften the courgettes)

How to make:

Take out the kelp noodles and give it a wash (some people leave it in warm water for 30 mins but I don’t see much difference in the softness to be honest). Transfer to a large bowl.

Now lets get our hands dirty – squish the almond butter into the kelp noodles using your hands (I’m not sure you can get away with using utensils, just use your hands!). Spread evenly.

If you have a julienne peeler – great, cut up some courgette and carrot. If you don’t, you can grate them or cut into fine matchsticks. For the courgette, I would recommend sprinkling some salt onto them in a separate bowl and leaving for 2 minutes to soften them up before mixing with the kelp.

Mix the carrots, courgette and kelp together.

Pour in the cider vinegar, honey (unless your almond butter is already sweet) and soya sauce (or whatever you choose as an alternative). Mix well.

Play around with the sauce a little if you like, if you prefer it more salty, then add more soya or vinegar, or if you like it sweeter then add more honey.

Chop a tomato into fine cubes and add at the end along with some capers. Capers add a great flavour in this, but if you don’t have any you can probably substitute them for olives or finely chopped sun dried tomatoes, or even gherkins.

If you can put it in the fridge and wait till the next day to eat it, the kelp would have softened up and will be much nicer, but it is also great as soon as you make it.

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