Nataraj Spiritual Dance Festival in Delhi, India

What did you do last New Years Eve?

My evening started off with a sacred cacao ceremony, setting intentions for the year to come, followed by rolling around on the floor from laughter, listening to live music, dancing, setting off colourful lanterns into the dark sky, and finally finishing off with an all-night gong bath whilst cuddling with a cute guy in a beautiful oasis in the middle of Delhi, India.

Nataraj Spiritual Dance Festival

Does that sound appealing to you? Why not join this year’s Nataraj Spiritual Dance Festival and experience 5 days of dancing, singing, playing and growing with a bunch of amazing teachers and the most beautiful community you will ever encounter! By the way, I’m not being paid to write this, I just had the best time of my life there so I want to share it with all of you guys.

Whilst I was there, I filmed a very spontaneous documentary, following my family sharing group around so you can get an insiders view into the heart of the festival, through the eyes of some very different participants. Please have a look at it below, hope you enjoy it!

Watch the Nataraj documentary:

Before you think this may not be for you because you don’t dance, let me tell you that I don’t dance either! Or at least I didn’t before I went to this festival, it really helped opened up a side of me I never knew existed and now I can’t stop dancing wherever I go.

There is also a spiritual side to this festival, such as meditations every morning…if you wake up early enough from jamming the night before, shamanic sweat lodges and more! And Zorba The Buddha is a beautiful place to be, doesn’t feel like Delhi at all, it’s so peaceful and green. Oh and you know how much I love to blog about healthy food whilst travelling, well Zorba doesn’t have much raw food variety going on, but their cooked vegetarian buffet is just spectacular!

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  1. Bernard Johannes Sleijster

    Now that sounds like a festival I would like to go to!! Sign me up for the next one!!
    SUPERB documentary also, really captured the essence so well, I felt like I was living it with everyone there.
    ~ Bernard Sleijster

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