Kiesha Crowther (Little Grandmother) – message for the Tribe of Many Colours

Kiesha Crowther and Anya Andreeva Marbella workshop

Kiesha Crowther (aka Little Grandmother as named by the elders) was pretty much my gateway into spirituality, having discovered her inspirational videos back in 2010. Her messages resonated a lot with me and since then I have seen her talk in Wales, at the Galstonbury Prophets conference, and just recently helped organise her workshop in Spain.

Little Grandmother’s message

Her message is simple but powerful, life doesn’t have to be complicated. The main thing she tries to get across is that we need to remember who we are and where we came from. Our Higher Selves (or Great I Am, as she calls it) sent us to this planet for a purpose, and we need to remember what that is.

One of the reasons why I love listening to her talk is because she desperately tries to get people to become aware that it is time to stop destroying Mother Earth. She gives a really great example: “Imagine your own mother, how much you love her, the woman who gave birth to you, fed you and helped you grow. Now, would you let someone throw garbage at her, to beat her, to rape her? For this is exactly what we are doing to our Great Mother.”

It is true, Mother Earth gave us life, all of the food we eat and the water we drink is a gift from her. When was the last time you thanked her for it, or even acknowledged this fact?

Grounding is vital

So many people in this world live in a concrete box. Just think, you wake up in your house, you go down to the garage and get into your car. You drive into the underground parking of your office, sit there all day, eating lunch at your desk, then go home the same way. Not a moment was spent outside.

It is vital in our daily lives to touch the Earth, to be outside for at least half an hour a day (preferably barefoot), or however much you can. Grounding will help you cure illnesses and promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

People will argue that they live in a city and can’t even spend 5 mins a day outside. When I lived in London, I would go outside in the morning and stand barefoot on the ground. When I didn’t have a garden, I would make sure my route back from work would take me through a park, where I would stay for some time before moving on. There are also grounding/earthing mats and bed sheets for those who really do spend a lot of time indoors, I have one for my chair when I sit in front of the computer.

In some workshops, she gives advice on gardening and refers to Anastasia from the Ringing Cedars book series (PLEASE don’t buy the BLACK books, they are not real, the link I gave is the REAL translation from the author). I especially find this useful as its practical advice that each one of us can use, and there’s no need to have a large farm. My grandma grows tomatoes in the garden and experimented using the technique of putting seeds into your mouth to soak up your DNA and sending loving thoughts to the plant – the difference is mind blowing.

And finally, be LOVE

Kiesha reminds us also to be love. Since love energy is stronger than the energy of the ego, it doesn’t take every single person on Earth to live consciously, it takes just a large enough group to tip the scales to love consciousness. It is easy to do, for any situation or decision, just think what is the best thing that you can do right now, how can you solve this problem in a loving way?

I would recommend Kiesha’s talks and book to anyone, they are especially useful for those who are just starting to get into the love consciousness as her language is very easy to understand and she doesn’t give heavy scientific information that may confuse people. However, it is a nice reminder even to those who already do live from their hearts, so don’t miss her if she’s around your town sometime.


The day after the workshop in Spain, we went to the mountains of Istan and did a very moving prayer/meditation at the water source. We thanked North, East, South and West and it was interesting to find out what each direction brings to us, it was a prayer I hadn’t experienced before.

As a person, Kiesha is very down-to-earth, easy going and friendly. She has a loving, open heart and it is nice to see that she is always herself, on-stage and off-stage.

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  1. Bernard Johannes Sleijster

    Thank you for this post!
    ~ Bernard Sleijster

  2. Giusy

    E’ solo due giorni che leggo di lei ed ho ascoltato il suo video con i sottotitoli in italiano e mi sono già innamorata della sua luce che esprime il suo volto…mi piacerebbe avere dei video con sottotitoli in italiano e qualche preghiera…sto vivendo una relazione tormentata ma come posso non arrabbiarmi davanti a certe situazioni??? Grazie per l’amore che trasmettete namastè …Giusy

  3. LG

    thank you for the wonderful post.. love LG and family

  4. Primrose Anne Wylde

    A beautiful young lady- One of our Light-Workers, sent here to assist in The New Earth. TUTUTU Little Grandmother

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