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One of the most annoying things about going on holiday is the packing process. First you need to decide between the things you need and want. Need and want are not the same thing so you have to make some kind of compromise because you only have so much room in your suitcase. Many people will overpack and then slowly but surely, take out things by way of deducing. They will pair of items against each other and see which one they really desire. All this hassle can be avoided if you have a system that makes packing easier and simpler. Focus on three categories. Firstly what do you need for you. These will be things that are for your health and peace of mind. Then you should consider your main suitcase which will be the go-to access point during your holiday. Lastly you should consider things for travel, such as your carry on bag.

Things for you

Starting off simple, ask yourself what do you need? First things first, do you have any kind of medical condition no matter if it’s minor? Pack your medicine and various treatments into your carry on bag first. If you have eczema, asthma or diabetes, your creams, inhalers and insulin injections should be neatly wrapped and or protected in your bag. Do you have any kind of glasses prescription or hearing aid? Pack these items too. Your wallet is next, because without money you won’t get far. What about for your personal entertainment? Headphones, tablets and smartphones are the next thing you should begin to pack.

The main suitcase

As you can imagine, the main suitcase will be filled with your clothes. Consider the clothes that you will mostly wear and those that you will wear on occasions. Trousers and shirts and tops are the main clothing groups. Next, consider the things you will wear for leisure such as bathing suits. Going to the beach or swimming will need a different attire but since you won’t be wearing these clothes for too long, you need only pack 2 or possibly 3 sets. Check out this holiday checklist to figure out what else you will need in your main suitcase. Suncream, shampoo, scrubbers, soap, deodorant and other hygiene products such as shaving kits are next. Then when you have all this you should pack your smaller clothing items like socks and underwear.  

The carry on bag

Contrary to popular belief, the carry on bag isn’t just subjective. There is system that you should adhere to even for this small piece of luggage. Quick access emergency items are the things you need. This could be something like batteries, foreign currency, a first aid kit, maps, keys to your suitcase, and passport. The carry on bag can also be a place to store food so as to keep you fed and hydrated throughout your journey.

Packing doesn’t have to be a frantic and random impulse exercise. Employ a three tiered system whereby you pack things you personally need, then your main suitcase and finally some quick access stuff in the carry on bag.


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