I went out for a team lunch today and since we went to an Italian place, most people chose to order pizzas. Now before you say anything, I don’t have anything against people eating pizzas. What triggered the blog-writing voice in my head was the girl sitting in front of me – she was struggling to finish this enormous pizza but kept on going nevertheless. Another colleague of mine, also having noticed this, asked her why doesn’t she just leave it, like everyone else did, to which her answer was “I really don’t like wasting food”.

What is your reason to continue eating even if you’re full?

Now let’s analyse this for a second, I don’t like wasting food either, that’s why when I make food I make just enough, or I order something small if I’m eating out. People sometimes have funny reasons for not wanting to waste food, they say stuff like “think about the poor kids in Africa” or “my parents always told me never to leave food on the plate”.

I’m sorry if this sounds judgmental…but that’s how people get fat!

Haha couldn’t believe when I found that, fits this perfectly!

“Think about the starving children in Africa”

If you REALLY care about the starving children in Africa, why don’t you do something about it? Are your left overs going to go to them? Will they feel better if you finish your food? I somehow doubt that!! The only thing it will do is force your stomach to expand, so that next time you will need even more food to fill yourself up, and then more and more, until eventually you will be ordering larger portions and using up more precious food resources that you could have sent to starving kids. Why don’t you give to charity or go over there and feed them yourself – stuffing your face will not do them any good…

Being grateful for food is very very important, but God does not want you to go against your body and your desires. Being grateful and leaving food on the plate have nothing to do with one another if you think about it.

“My parents told me to never leave food on the plate”

As for the second reason…are your parents ALWAYS right? They probably said that when you were 4 and wanted to get more food into you so you would have enough vitamins etc needed to grow! If you’re past teenagehood, then you can forget that rule. Eat only what you NEED.

What can you do instead?

Sorry for the slight rant, I just really find it silly that people force themselves to eat for no good reason. Plus if you don’t finish it, you can always get it as a take away, which is what a few people did today, and then save up on dinner! If you can’t avoid ordering a large meal, you can also share it with someone, that’s what I do quite often. In fact when my mum and I travel to the States, we usually just get a STARTER and share that as a main meal due to the country’s ridiculous portions…

Ok rant over…I just wanted to bring this up so people start noticing what they are saying sometimes. We often get used to saying or doing something, but we just don’t stop to think about why we are doing it, and we may not even think that it could be hurting us, like in this example, it surely doesn’t do people any good!