How to get to Campuhan Ridge Walk – Ubud, Bali directions

How to find the Campuhan Ridge Walk

I’ve been living in Ubud, Bali for two months now and this morning was the first time I went for a hike. The road up to Campuhan Ridge Walk was so peaceful and beautiful, that it inspired me to create a travel section on my blog!

The seed for the blog was planted when I was looking for directions to Campuhan Ridge Walk. There are a few articles online but I didn’t find them too helpful, so I’ve prepared a guide for you on how to get to Campuhan Ridge using the photos I took to guide you.

Anya Andreeva in Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali


Here are the directions to Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud:

Let’s use the Ubud market as our starting point. Walk West towards Penestanan/the bridge/Bintang supermarket. or as you exit the Ubud market onto the main road, Jalan Ubud Raya, you go left.

Before the bridge, on your right, you will see a sign for IBAH Hotel. This will be before the clinic and after the turning to Sari Organic, if you know where that is.


Where to turn for Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali

Turn right at that sign as if you’re going to the hotel (North of the main road if you’re looking at the map). To the left, you will see a road that goes downhill.

Update: When this blog was first published you could drive down and park at the school as you can’t go any further with a moped. However, I’ve since been told that they kick you out if you try and park there, so you may need to find another spot. The main Ubud market parking is about a 10min walk away.

Where to park your moped for Campuhan Ridge

Now take the road going right, DOWN the stairs (not over the bridge, but under it). The stairs will go up a little and for the next few metres the road will be a little uneven. Don’t worry, soon enough it will even out into a nice paved road.


broken path by Campuhan Ridge walk, Ubud
I’ve now been told that this uneven bit has been fixed, so enjoy a straight path!


Congratulations, you’ve found the path to Campuhan Ridge Walk!

For the next 2/3km, enjoy the scenery – it really is beautiful up there. The road slightly tilts uphill all the way, but it’s not hard, plus it makes the way back much nicer if you’re tired! However, even though it’s an easy trek, you will still get super sweaty from the heat, so wear something that won’t show those wet patches…

Beautiful road on Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali Beautiful road on Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali

I would recommend going off-path wherever you like, there are some great places that aren’t on the main road – good for photoshoots in tall grass! I went up a steep hill off-path and had a lovely meditation overlooking the gorgeous fields.

The Campuhan rest point – Karsa Kafe

After a while, you will reach a built-up area with several art shops and the road will become unpaved but still quite even. Keep going another 500 metres to reach the rest point.

Local Balinese artists house on Campuhan Ridge walk

The typical “rest point” up there is a cafe called Karsa Kafe. You will easily recognise it by the 3 traditional Balinese huts to the left of the road. Karsa Kafe is a great place with a gorgeous view for a bathroom break and some watermelon juice. The menu isn’t huge, and for raw vegans, there’s only the choice of a simple salad or a fruit plate. They also have free wifi and I actually wished I had brought my iPad with me to start writing this blog.

As you can see from the photos below, Karsa Kafe is quite easy to spot:

Karsa Kafe on Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali

This is where I sat to cool off from a long, hot walk.

Karsa Kafe on Beautiful road on Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali

The rice terrace views from Karsa Kafe are really peaceful.

View from Karsa Kafe on Campuhan Ridge walk, Ubud

And no guide would be complete without a photo of food! This may not be the greatest photo, but the pineapple was drool-worthy!

Plate of watermelon and pineapples in Karsa Kafe, Ubud

The way up there took me about 1.5 hours but I was stopping quite frequently to take photos. Plus I had a meditation up on the hill, so it could probably be done in half the time if you’re a determined walker. The way back, downhill, took me about 40 mins from the cafe to my moped.

Also, you are likely to see some wild, wonderful and weird creatures, so don’t forget your camera!!

Baby lizard in Bali

Colourful huga grasshopper in Ubud, Bali


Oh and if you REALLY don’t want to walk all the way back, there is transport available in the village – I saw a sign at Karsa Kafe for transport.

Quick summary of Campuhan Ridge Walk:

Distance from Ibah Hotel to Karsa Kafe and back: about 4-6km (just by the school it says it’s 2km to the cafe, but at the cafe, it says 3km to Ubud. Perhaps they mean central Ubud.)

Don’t forget: your camera, a bottle of water (the closest shop is about 1.5-2km from the start) sunglasses and sunscreen, and a hat could come in useful too. Take some money also if you’d like to buy some art or some food at Karsa Kafe.

Best time to go to Campuhan Ridge Walk: early morning, around 7:30. I went at 9am and that was a bit too hot. It’s June now, so the sun rises at around 6am, so anytime after that is great.

Here are some more photos of Campuhan:

Kids walking along Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali

Views from Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali

Road on Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali


Enjoy your walk!!

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  1. Leona

    I just walked this today. Beautiful! Your post was very helpful. Thank you so much.

  2. Nate

    This article is prolly around 5 years old. But here it is helping me, ( a dude on his first trip to Bali in 2019!!) find the walkway!

    So for that Thank You! Heheh

    1. Anya Andreeva

      Thats great, good to know and thank you! If there’s anything you can add to these directions that are a little more up to date, please let me know, I’m sure everyone would appreciate it 🙂

  3. Bernard Johannes Sleijster

    YESSS finally directions that make sense! This is the best Campuhan guide on the internet, hands down!
    ~ Bernard Sleijster

  4. blogetaway

    Thank you for the detailed and accurate information on how to get to this amazing walk! I used these instructions and had a great afternoon, but I did sweat a lot! Thanks again – blogetaway.

  5. Diane Hill

    Hi, thanks for the great instructions re the walk. We are in our 70’s now and travelled in Bali extensively in the 1970’s. (You cannot imagine the changes).
    We were unsure if we could manage the walk but feel encouraged to give it a go.

    1. Anya Andreeva

      Hi, thank you for your comment! Wow, I’m sure Bali was amazing in the 70s, I wish I had seen it then, so pure and untouched…
      I hope you enjoy the walk, it’s very scenic and you can just take your time, it’s a little bumpy in the first 100m or so, but then it’s very smooth and gradual.

  6. Paneetha

    Thank you for the information
    By the way how long did it take for the hike? 🙂

    1. Anya Andreeva

      You’re most welcome! It depends on how fast you go, mine took a few hours, stopping every few metres to take photos of the beautiful surroundings 🙂

  7. Photon Broker

    Thank you for the clear guidance. We went there last week and really enjoyed it. Allow me to share some photo, took this pix of four lovely ladies on their way back from the nearby temple.

    1. Anya Andreeva

      Stunning shot, thanks for sharing!! Glad you enjoyed the hike 🙂

    1. Julia

      Is it possible to cycle instead of walk?

      1. Anya Andreeva

        Yes it’s very possible, I believe all the construction now has been done.

  8. kaanakogile

    Hi anya..

    Thank you for the information..:) Do we need to take permission from anyone or is there any entrance fee?
    Can we go without any prebooking?


    1. Anya Andreeva

      Hi, no you don’t need anything, it’s an open road for anyone to go on. Enjoy 🙂

  9. Carl D.

    Thanks for this, it was really helpful; we appreciate you taking the time to give detailed directions and include pics on how to get there

    1. Anya Andreeva

      Thank you 🙂 I just remember struggling to find it when I first went, so I wanted to make it easier for others

  10. barb

    Just remember to take with you some cash if you need to park your motorbike. It’s not free anymore. There have put a ‘no parking’ sign now and the guys want 2000 rupias, but this will probably increase quite soon as in these days (even in low rainy season) everything in Ubud does.

  11. Stephanieephanie

    thanks for such detail guide. In Ubud, it’s can be hard to spot signs .. ! keep sharing !

  12. Braddon Gilbert

    Thank you Anya very much for posting your directions and photo’s. My wife and I are looking forward to doing this walk as we are staying in Ubud over the next two weeks. It looks awesome. Have a great day

    1. Wildturkey8

      You both will enjoy it! My wife and I did this walk last September, only got half way as I had a cork thigh. We will go again this September. Amazing views. Take plenty of Bintangs. Or water!

  13. fred

    Thanks for this Anya. I have done this walk 10years ago and will be doing this again in few weeks and I totally forgot where the start of the trek. Thanks again.

  14. veneravmg

    Thank you, found this place perfectly because of your directions, enjoy, would love to know of any other small hikes in town,

  15. Sabrina

    Anya, this is AMAZING! thank you so much! I am staying at Balibbu hostel and will be going on this adventure tomorrow!! I will let you know how it goes! Thank you for such detail and the beautiful pictures ! xx Sabrina

  16. Lily

    Thank you very much for telling us more about this place!! Indeed very beautiful

  17. jeanette

    Anya, thank you for putting this page together. It was so useful when my family and I tried to do the ridge walk recently. All the best to you! Love from Singapore

    1. Anya Andreeva

      Thank you 🙂 I’m really glad you found it useful, hope you enjoyed the walk and Bali in general! Lots of love

  18. Carlie-Rose

    Great Blog! Thanks for the detailed Post. Very helpful 🙂

  19. angelique

    Thanks for the details and the lovely photos!:)

  20. Chris

    Great directions and truly a fabulous walk. There are two other walks in/along the ricefields further east for those who want to explore. One you enter about 50 meters closer to Ubud at a Laundry sign. The entry sign is a little hard to find. The furthest east is harder still to find and more primitive. Unfortunately, we are leaving for Sanur today, so cannot provide detailed directions. This walk is prettier, better paved and has coffee as a destination. The other walks also have light scooter traffic.

    1. Anya Andreeva

      Thank you Chris! I’ve always hoped to find other walks around Ubud, will check them out next time 🙂

  21. Jolanda

    We did the walk yesterday. Your description was excellent. We used a GPS and from Ibah to Kasra it was 1.9 km. The uneven part is now also nicely paved

  22. Dave

    We did this walk last week, I had a cork thigh so we only went as far as the shop that sells paintings. Have booked to return to bali next year, we will do the whole walk. Brilliant! Thanks for the directions. I took some awesome pics on my new Canon 600D. I think it helps to take some cold Bintangs, we did! Dave and Derrilee

  23. julian cook

    Perfect, now o know how to get there. Thank you so much.

  24. Amanda

    Thank you! We were able to find the path without problems thanks to your explanation!

  25. Jamie

    Did the walk today with a stroller and 1 year old. Thanks for directions made it very easy. Construction at start nearly complete, but Karsa kafe had building works. Might be finished in a week when I spoke to the builder. Beautiful views

  26. Tom

    Thankyou so much, my father says he doesn’t have to bring his camera to take photos of the walk because you have some here. Just saved about 2 hours of my life.

  27. gotigakali

    Thank you! thank you! thank you for making time to write this. This is exactly what I’m looking for since I will be going there next august. cheers, Will

  28. Ko Yu, Hsu

    Hi Anya,

    Thanks for the info about Bali.
    Your website is very helpful for my trip to Bali and Gilis.
    Just visited Ubud (Campuhan ridge and sari organik) and Gili islands (Gili T and Gili Air) This month.
    Enjoyed Ubud and Gili Air a lot.
    Gili T is just too crowded and dirty.
    Two questions:
    1.did you rent a motorcycle when you stay in Ubud?
    2. Did you visit Gili Meno?

    Thank you

    1. Anya

      Hiyas, thank you for your comment, good to see the articles help 🙂

      1) I didn’t have one for the first 2 days, then I got a Scoopy for 450k/month. But I lived there for a long time so it was physically impossible not to have one.
      2) I only went diving just off the shore of Gili Meno, it seemed totally empty and I didn’t actually go on it, but I spoke to a lot of locals about all the islands and no one recommended it.

      Much love xx

      1. Thomas S

        About Lombok, I would suggest you to try to go to Gili Asahan or Gili Nangu for snorkeling or diving. BTW, very helpful info and we’ll be there by the end of Decembre 2014

        1. Anya

          Thats great to know, thank you! I havent been to either of them 🙂

  29. Jan

    Tnx the first pics help a lot to find the route,
    Regards from dutch travellers 😉

    1. Anya

      Thanks 🙂 I found it hard to find a decent explanation online, thats why I took those photos! Enjoy Ubud!

  30. Lucas

    This looks excellent, I look forward to trying it and seeing the wonderfulness by myself. Thank you!

  31. Nanajillybean

    Loved your directions and photos. I hope to do the walk tomorrow, early.

  32. Win alnez

    Wow very nice !
    I will manage to go there, thank you for the guidance !
    I did it to Sari Organic long time a go.
    If you’re mean to be in Buleleng, try to do trekking in Sambangan village they have 7 waterfalls it called the sacred garden.

    1. Anya

      Thank you 🙂 Wow 7 waterfalls, sounds lovely, thanks for the tip!!

  33. Elena

    It is very helpful and clear with all the photos and explanations. Good idea! We loved it! Thank you for this job! love xxx

    1. Anya

      Thank you <3 xx

    2. Me and my partner Kay made this trek to day, just fabulous. Re beer to take some water it’s very hot even in February. The kafe is beautiful, with koi carp in the water beneath the pergolas. There’s a new Lilly pond right in front as well. We must be crazy, left the kafe turned right and walked. Up the hill when down onto the valley to the left. Back up the other side and joined the main road back to ubud. Six hour but enjoyed ever moment.
      Thanks for you blog and info, matin and Kay torquay UK
      Ps off for a massage to sooth our acing legs.

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