How to find the Campuhan Ridge walk

I’ve been living in Bali for two months now and this morning was the first time I went for a hike. The road up Campuhan ridge was so peaceful and beautiful, it inspired me to create a travel section on my blog!

me Campuhan

The seed for the blog was planted when I was looking for directions to Campuhan ridge. There are a few articles online but I didn’t find them too helpful, so I’ve prepared a guide for you how to get to Campuhan ridge using the photos I took to guide you!

Here are the directions to Campuhan ridge walk in Ubud:

Let’s use the Ubud market as our starting point. Walk West (or as you exit the market onto the main road, Jalan Ubud Raya, you go left) towards Penestanan/the bridge/Bintang supermarket.

Before the bridge, on your right, you will see a sign for IBAH Hotel. This will be before the clinic and after the turning to Sari Organic if you know where that is.

the turn to get to Campuhan ridge

Turn right at that sign as if you’re going to the hotel (North of the main road if your looking at the map). To the left you will see a road that goes downhill. Drive down and park 50m down at the school, can’t go any further with a moped.

go down to the school and parking

Now take the road going right, DOWN the stairs (not over the bridge, but under it). The stairs will go up a little and for the next few metres the road will be a little uneven. Don’t worry, soon enough it will even out into a nice paved road.

Campuhan, where to turn

I’ve now been told that this uneven bit has been fixed, so enjoy a straight path!

Congratulations, you’ve found the path! ๐Ÿ™‚

For the next 2/3km, enjoy the scenery, it really is beautiful up there. The road slightly tilts uphill all the way, but it’s not hard, plus it makes the way back much nicer if you’re tired! However, even though it’s an easy trek, you will still get super sweaty from the heat, so wear something that won’t show those wet patches! Oh, and if you love going for a run or cycle, make sure to wear the right stuff too, like these recovery tights.

Campuhan ridge
Campuhan ridge hike 7 June 2013 - 38 copy

I would recommend going off-path wherever you like, there are some great places that aren’t on the main road – good for photoshoots in tall grass! I went up a steep hill off-path and had a lovely meditation overlooking the gorgeous fields.

The Campuhan rest point – Karsa Kafe

After a while, you will reach a built up area with several art shops, the road will become unpaved but still quite even. Keep going another 500 metres.

Campuhan artists

The typical “rest point” up there is a cafe called Karsa Kafe, you will easily recognise it by the 3 bali’s to the left of the road. Great place with a gorgeous view for a bathroom break and some watermelon juice. The menu isn’t huge, and for raw vegans there’s only the choice of a simple salad or a fruit plate. They also have free wifi and I actually wished I had brought my iPad with me to start writing this blog!

This is Karsa Kafe - easy to spot

This is Karsa Kafe – easy to spot

This is where I sat for my brunch, lovely peaceful setting to cool off after the hot walk

This is where I sat for my brunch, lovely peaceful setting to cool off after the hot walk

And this is the view from Karsa Kafe

And this is the view from Karsa Kafe

My brunch at Karsa Kafe :) the pineapple was AMAZING!

My brunch at Karsa Kafe ๐Ÿ™‚ the pineapple was AMAZING!

The way up there took me about 1.5 hours but I was stopping literally every 3 metres to take photos, plus I had a meditation up on the hill, so it could probably be done in half the time if you’re a determined walker. The way back, downhill, took me about 40 mins from the cafe to my moped.

Also, you are likely to see some wild, wonderful and weird creatures, so don’t forget your camera!!

friendly lizard Campuhan

Campuhan colourful grasshopper

Oh and if you REALLY don’t want to walk all the way back, there is transport available in the village – I saw a sign at Karsa Kafe for transport for 50k.

Quick summary of Campuhan Ridge walk:

sign for Campuhan walkDistance from Ibah Hotel to Karsa Kafe and back: about 4-6km (just by the school it says its 2km to the cafe, but at the cafe it says 3km to Ubud…perhaps they mean central Ubud…people here aren’t amazing at distances, when you ask someone how far away something is, they will always say 500m!)

Don’t forget: your camera, a bottle of water (the closest shop is about 1.5-2km from the start) sunglasses and sunscreen, and a hat could come in useful too. Take some money also if you’d like to buy some art or some food at the cafe.

Best time to go: early morning, around 7:30. I went at 9am and that was a bit too hot. It’s June now, so the sun rises at around 6am, so anytime after that is great.

Here are some more photos of Campuhan:

Campuhan ridge hike 2

Campuhan ridge hike

Campuhan school kids

me Campuhan

Campuhan flower

Enjoy your walk!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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