I bet you came across this article because you Googled: “I yawn when I pray” – congratulations for noticing, welcome to the club 🙂


I yawn when I pray

When I was a little girl, perhaps 7-8 years old, I was taught to pray to God, probably like a lot of people in the world. I never really considered myself religious, but that’s not the point of this story, on rare occasions I would still pray in the traditional way. My grandmother once saw me yawning after a prayer and laughed, she told me that she and her mother would also ALWAYS yawn after or during a prayer.

That sounded funny to me, so of course I had to test it…and sure enough, EVERY time I prayed, I would yawn. If I tried rushing it or doing it without feeling, I would not yawn, and that somehow felt like I wasn’t reaching God. Fun thing for a child to try 🙂

Now I also yawn when I meditate



A few years ago, when I found my spiritual path in life, I stopped praying and started meditating. To my great astonishment, meditation had the same affect on me – and don’t start making jokes about meditation being so boring that I was falling asleep! I only yawn at very specific stages.

For example, when doing the Unity Breath meditation (as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek) – you connect to Mother Earth, Father Sky and Yourself. The point is to send your love and gratitude to each, and wait for a reply back, they will send their love to you too. Well you probably guessed it by now, I get my replies via a yawn, then often followed by other sensations.

It’s not just about yawning, listen to your body for other signals

It truly fascinates me how my body sends me signals, and it can happen in all sorts of ways, you just need to watch out for yours. It doesn’t even have to be a similar experience to mine, maybe your body reacts to certain living conditions, or certain foods (that’s particularly good to notice).

Perhaps it will be just a twitch or shivers going up your spine, or you may smell something or hear a noise, a lot of people have ringing in their ears. My body gives me this particular feeling in my stomach, that I know that if I eat anything whilst I have this feeling, I will get sick. Or my ear lobe hurts in a specific way when the weather’s about to change (I get that from my grandma also!), though I’ve recently realised that it has other meanings too, still trying to figure it out.


I’ve also noticed that the same body response doesn’t have to be limited to one definition. I used the example of yawning as a form of talking to God/Universe/Spirit. Though it started off being that way for me, I now realise that it is a way of letting me know several things: that

  1. I’ve reached whomever I wanted to reach, e.g. Mother Earth or
  2. I’m doing something right during my meditation or the goal is complete. For example, I was taught how to control my sexual energy and during a specific stage, on the 3rd breath exactly, I ALWAYS yawn.

So there you have it guys, my funny body responses to meditation 🙂 I’m sure you have something too, it all begins by WANTING to notice (or having someone point it out, but not everyone’s signals are as obvious as mine).

Try to interpret what your body is telling you at a particular time, if you notice that your get a heavy sensation in your solar plexus and need to put your hand over it for “no good reason”, think about what preceded or followed that. Maybe you got bad news or you feel frightened. This is a very common body reaction as your solar plexus is kind of like your “gut instinct” centre of your body, it will react when you’re nervous, depressed or scared.

The Universe is always looking for ways to communicate with us, in any shape of form, it is up to us to LISTEN!

Oh, and if I happen to yawn next time we’re having a conversation, don’t get offended – I’m probably just talking to God 🙂