What is the best time to go to Paris? Spend this vacation in Europe

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Paris, commonly often known as City of Lights lures thousands of visitors each year with its amazing environment and spots. The credit also goes to the delicious and yummy cuisines paired with the vast art collections. Besides this, the centuries-old churches, historical museums, blocks of Rococo design architecture, glowing street lamps, and cascading trees enhance the beauty of the palace. Whether you desire to hit the Eiffel Tower or visit the wonderful and professional designers on Champs Elysees, you will surely be amazed at the pleasant atmosphere of the city, one of the must-visit destinations of Europe. Now the question arises ‘what is the best time to go to Paris’? The major reason for why we often observe a huge crowd all over the year in this paradise-like palace is its favourable weather. Yes, it is true that the climate of the city remain constant throughout the year that further draws the attention of visitors as it helps them explore more. Let’s discuss some of the major months that can surely enhance the experience of your visit to Paris.

Paris Eiffel Tower at sunset

What is the best time to go to Paris? Let’s pay a visit to the city of paradise

Though you can travel around the palace anytime you desire, from June to August and September to October are often considered as the top-most months to explore the same. This is because during June and August the climate of the palace is just perfect. However, it is worth to note that the city mostly remains crowded during the summer season and thereby, turns out to be the most expensive palace to visit during summers. If you wish to spend a vacation with your family, friends, or colleagues at a low budget then what is better than planning an outing to Paris during the fall? The seasonal foliage is undeniably astonishing yet the palace’s spring blooms are also popular. If lower traveling budget is all that you are after, a winter visit would definitely eliminate several traveling expenses. On the other hand, if you’re motive is to explore the city when it’s crowded with millions of visitors then regardless the time you visit, you would always encounter around 30-35 million travelers coming from diverse corners of the world every year. Here’s is the brief about the weather status of Paris in different months:

Weather of Paris during June-August

June-August features a high average temperature which makes your amble through the neighborhoods an unlimited fun. However, it is just to take into account that you might require to wrestle with crowds of other travelers for your spot in the sun. Since summer is termed to be the highly-visited and crowded seasons of Paris, the accommodation charges and flight rates will escalate. At the same time, this time allow you to enjoy your visit to a great extent. This month features free outdoor theatre fun along with complimentary concerts. Apart from this, a man-made shore is designed besides the Seine for sunbathers. Moreover, the Bastille day (greatest vacation of France) go on during this season, however, make sure to pack an umbrella as July is one of the rainiest months of Europe.

Paris during September-October

If you don’t love the crowded places and desire to experience fewer tourists in the city, yet you don’t want to sacrifice the amazing climate, fall can turn out to be your best anticipation. Paris encounters highs in the greater 60s in the month of September whereas the city experiences the lows around 50s and 40s. Apart from top-most attraction to shorter lines, tourists can also explore the amazing seasonal foliage. However, make certain that Fashion Week that is often organized during the last days of September will make it troublesome and expensive for you to find out the appropriate accommodation in the city. Besides fashion week, you may also encounter Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in the month of October and Armistice Day (if your visit extends to November).

During the month of November, tourists may get to spot the 50-degrees days. Chic and heavy blazers are an essentiality during this month. If you successfully confront the chilly weather of Paris, you might end up saving some Euro on your flight charges and hotel. There are rare chances to experience snow in Paris, however, you might have a glimpse of heavy rains during December. If you desire to get rid of precipitation, February can be the best month.


Do you desire to explore the world? Are you willing to get to the most crowded yet wonderful palace then Paris should be your priority? So what are you waiting for? get your Europe travel backpack, book your reasonable yet comfortable hotel and flight ticket and visit the city of paradise. All the best!

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