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Every now and then, you and bae might disagree about something big or benign, whether it’s what to eat tonight or how to manage an unexpected bill. Disagreements can lead to arguments, and you find yourself slamming the bedroom door behind you.

You worry it means your relationship is doomed to end in pain and sorrows, but in reality, a healthy couple can sail through troubled waters without sinking. Indeed, as we all have good and bad days, you need to accept that your relationship is likely to go through similar motions. Consequently, the first question you need to ask yourself is not whether your argument is something to worry about, but instead whether you believe that your couple is strong.

We all go through hard times

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Let’s be honest. Life is not a fairy tale. And while some days might feel as if you’re genuinely walking on sunshine, others come to remind you that rain can fall on your hopes too. Life is, ultimately, a rollercoaster of emotions, and it would be unfair to pretend that it doesn’t affect your relationship. But despite the stress, the pressure, the fatigue, experts in relationships can help you to see past the temporary issues and measure your compatibility. A rough patch doesn’t have to break you up, especially if you have grown stronger together.

You provide the stable ground your couple needs to grow

A happy couple is the sum of two individuals who can fully count on each other. However, to be able to build something beautiful together, you need to have enough strength to stand by yourself. Self-love is a vital part of a love relationship, as ultimately you need to accept yourself just as you are to bring a positive influence to your couple. Someone who feels insecure is likely to develop a dependent relationship with their partner, creating a needy and demanding persona that needs to be satisfied. If you struggle with finding your own worth, your relationship is not built on stable ground.

Do you know the direction?

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There’s no denying it: You can’t grow together if you’re not looking in the same direction. A committed relationship is measured by the amount of time you spend nurturing it. As a result, couples who share a common goal, namely constantly improving the relationship and what it relates to, combine forces to create a shared vision for themselves. When you think of an argument as a rock on your path, it’s easier to move the rock out of the way when you’re both looking in the same direction, aka towards the same vision.

Is perfection an objective?

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However, it’s important to note that your common goal is about strengthening your sense of togetherness. Relationship goals, as seen on social media, depict an image of perfection that doesn’t exist. Making togetherness and understanding your objectives lets you accept flaws and minor obstacles. Yes, there will be disagreements. Yes, there will be imperfect moments. But they don’t have to tear you apart.

Finally, there’s only one thing left to do, after you’ve slammed the door in anger. It’s to open it again and check that your relationship is solid. You can agree to disagree, as long as you agree to stay strong together.

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