5 Tips For Feeling More Energised Throughout the Day

We’ve all been in meetings or attended conferences where we’ve felt that real slump in energy levels after lunch. We’ve also all had a day that drags on just a little too long and we start to feel really tired and our concentration suffers. There are some simple hacks that you can use to get through those days and every other day without feeling like you could easily crawl under your desk for a quick nap.

Get Enough Sustained Energy Foods

Sugary cereal and quick snacks are great, but they hardly sustain your energy levels. Your body burns them off in no time at all. Rather, you should move your focus to Low GI foods like oats, non-starchy vegetables, and most fruits. The energy sources in these foods will have you feeling fuller for longer, as well as delivering you sustained energy over many hours, instead of just an initial burst of energy.


Don’t Skimp on the Coffee

Don’t be shy to get in your caffeine. There’s more than enough science to back this one up. Morning coffee can help kickstart your metabolism and get your body ready to take on the daily demands of a modern working environment. Making fresh, good coffee is made so easy in the workplace thanks to new pod coffee machines and similar innovations in the make-it-yourself coffee space. Great tasting and good quality coffee can be just a coffee pod subscription service away.

Remember to drink lots of water too. Staying hydrated will also aid in your energy levels not depleting before it’s time to clock off and go home.

Exercise at Lunchtime

It’s quite amazing what a little bit of blood flow and fresh air can do for us. All you need to accomplish this one is legs – really! Get up from your desk and walk around the building a bit. Even better, walk around the neighborhood or city block. There’s plenty of great scientific evidence to back this one up. Some research suggests just a few minutes of slightly heartrate lifting exercise can result in your body and mind feeling energized for that dreary workplace afternoon.

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Learn to Sleep Properly

We’ve been doing it our whole lives, and yet it’s amazing how bad we are at getting real, meaningful sleep. Adult humans need at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night, but that’s only scratching the surface of what’s really needed to feel rested. Your bedroom should be as dark as possible and cool, and you shouldn’t be too hot under the covers. Remove pre-sleep distractions like TV and cellular phones from the bedroom and use the room for what it’s designed for – restful sleep.

In the morning when you wake up, don’t touch the snooze button. Those extra few minutes mean your natural sleep cycle is going to be interrupted, which could leave you feeling even more tired.

Make Your Working Space Work

Don’t work in a dark, badly lit office. Add lights and color to your workspace. Add some music too and bring your office or area to life. Nothing kills energy and creativity like a boring, dark and quiet office. If you have nothing else you can do, simply opening those blinds and the window can fill the room with natural light and keep your natural circadian rhythm working the way it should be.

There you have it. With these five simple hacks, you can breeze through the day without ever worrying about feeling tired or run down again. Small tweaks and changes to the way you do things during your workday can make all the difference to how you feel.


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