3 Tips To Spice Up Your Couple’s Holiday

Whether you’re travelling with your partner for the first time or not, going on holiday together is a big deal. It can be an amazing and romantic way to deepen your bond and learn new things about each other while visiting a beautiful place.

However, as idyllic and romantic as that sounds, taking a holiday with your partner can also break up your relationship. Studies show that 10% of couples break up after their first holiday. But you don’t have to worry! This article will share the right tips to help you and your partner navigate your holidays together and return home stronger and more in love. 

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Don’t do everything together

It’s natural to want to do everything with your significant other when you travel to a new location. After all, you’re in a new place and want to capture as many memories as possible. The whole point of the trip is to bond and spend quality time together away from the usual pressures of your daily lives. So, why spend time apart? It doesn’t mean you have to be separated at all times. But when you do certain things independently, it can help improve your entire travel experience. Use your alone moments to recharge and appreciate their presence. You don’t need to be upset if there’s one activity that either of you doesn’t want to do. Instead, use your time alone to catch up on the things you enjoy. Plus, you’ll come back missing each other and be eager to share what you experienced. 

Keep your activities varied

Yes, going to a new place is exciting, and because you’re probably away for a short while, you might want to do everything possible. But you’ll likely get tired and cranky very early if you spend all your days trying to do every single activity on your itinerary or going on wild adventures. When that fatigue comes in, it can cause you two to get moody around each other. The same goes for if you plan on spending all your days relaxing and doing slow-paced activities. It might get boring pretty quickly. Instead, mix up your itinerary and do both relaxing and exciting activities moderately. That’s the best way to have the perfect experience. 

Give your partner a gift

It’s good to be thoughtful when you’re in a relationship. It shows the other person that you care deeply about them and that they’re always on your mind—the best way to show love and appreciation is by giving them a gift. Your gift can be anything, from something sentimental to something practical, like sunglasses, especially if you’re going somewhere tropical. So, if, for example, your partner might have lost their sunglasses, you can even order sunglasses online and have them delivered to your destination. On the other hand, you can also pick up a gift for them during your travels. 


So, now you know it’s not hard to have an amazing couple’s holiday with your partner. All it takes is a little patience and understanding to make your trip enjoyable. Ensure you discuss your expectations before travelling to be on the same page.


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