So you usually eat good food but you just had a week of eating anything and everything in your sight and now you feel bad about it. You’re certainly not the first or last person to do so! It’s probably making you feel guilty, right? Well I’m going to tell you some GOOD things that can come out of a “pig-out” week!

what do you mean Im fat cat

You can probably guess what triggered me to write this, this is my make-me-feel-good post after I spent 2 weeks in Peru eating nothing but cheese and pasta…covered with even more cheese and some pasta sprinkled on top 🙂 Being a raw vegan in a place like South America is tough, but even though I put on like 4-5kg and my jeans don’t fit, I still think it was a great experience!

Hidden “benefits” of eating too much

For starters, it REEEALLY makes you appreciate healthy food. After a few days you start craving apples and cucumbers like you wouldn’t believe! Your body starts screaming at you to feed it well, so that makes you realise that what you’re putting in your mouth now is junk.

Before I went on this trip, I ate 90% raw food, once a week or so I would allow myself to eat some pasta (why can’t I just let go of it?!), but now, after SOO much pasta, I’m so sick of it that I can’t even stand the sight of it! Think that has taken away all of my guilty cravings for a while!! Same thing happened when I went to Maine and overate on lobsters, but these people even put lobsters in ice-cream!! So conclusion: overeating a particular junk food can make you hate it (and this can last a while, I was so disgusted by omelettes at kindergarten, I couldn’t eat one until I was 16!)

fat cat sitting on wallThirdly, it makes you notice all the bad things that junk food does to your body. From putting on weight to spots and mood swings – such a sudden change in eating habits can cause your body to go into shock and then you really notice the difference.

If you happen to put on weight, that could trigger you to start exercising (yeeah I’ve restored my yoga membership) – hopefully for a while and not just for a month to get you back in shape 😉

So really, no point in feeling guilty and bad about it – it’s already done, if you sit there and feel disgusted at yourself, you’re only going to make yourself feel worse. So start finding the positives 🙂 When I left I knew I was going to eat badly so I mentally prepared myself not to feel bad about it, and I enjoyed every bit of food I ate – funnily enough, the best pizza I’ve ever had was in Peru!! But boy am I glad its over…salads never tasted so good in my life! 😉