How To Be A Raw Foodie: A Social, Practical & Intuitive Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle


How To Be A Raw Foodie: A Social, Practical and Intuitive Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle. Raw vegan e-book by Anya Andreeva from Live Love Raw.

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For me, it’s not just about the food, but about the lifestyle too, so I have compiled a list of various challenges that people may encounter when starting their raw food journey, or any similar healthy lifestyle for that matter, and I have written advice and tips on how to handle the different scenarios. I have been writing this book for almost 4 years, living through each challenge personally and perfecting the 121 recipes here for you all to enjoy to the fullest.

This book is not meant to convince you to eat 100% raw, I would simply like to make you aware of the benefits of introducing more fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals.

It is my main goal to get you to connect to your body and awaken your intuition, which I will discuss in detail on the following pages. Not only will it help you determine what foods are best for you to eat, but it may also greatly benefit your day to day lives too.

With this book I hope to help you understand this path better and guide your transition to a vibrant New You in the easiest way possible.

In this book you will find:

  • Useful information on how to transition into a healthier lifestyle
  • The perks and challenges of eating raw
  • How your emotional and physical bodies change after going raw
  • How to deal with hunger and cook for yourself at home
  • How to handle ignorance from friends and family
  • How to eat healthy and still manage to travel
  • How to pack your lunch well for work or school
  • How to go out on dates, host parties and have a social life
  • How to deal with cravings and slip-ups back to less healthy food
  • How to use your intuition to find out what’s good or bad for you
  • Common raw food myths debunked
  • Is mono-raw, fruitarianism and liquidarianism too extreme?
  • And of course…lots of delicious raw vegan recipes!

Many of you will have already read about the benefits of living food, so in this book I will only briefly touch on the subject because what I found lacking in living food literature was practical advice on how to actually live this lifestyle, and this is exactly what I intend on sharing with you.


viii. About Anya Andreeva
xiii. Acknowledgements

14. Chapter 1 – INTRODUCTION
15. If you’re new to raw food
19. How to start going raw

24. Chapter 2 – THE BEGINNING
25. The start of a new adventure
29. How to tell people you’ve gone raw
34. How to deal with hunger
39. How to cook for yourself at home
42. How to make your salads more fun

46. Chapter 3 – RAW IN THE REAL WORLD
Can I be raw and still go out to eat?
How to deal with cravings for sugar, cooked and unhealthy foods
56. Dating
64. Raw at school and at work
68. How to travel and stay raw
74. How to deal with parties

78. Raw food myths debunked
82. Expert’s advice on health and nutrition
86. Follow your intuition to perfect health

93. Chapter 5 – KITCHEN BASICS
The basic techniques of raw food making
Description of some common ingredients
Briefly about the recipes


Briefly about this section
Almond milk
Spiced cashew milk
Blueberry bliss smoothie
Sweet nectarine smoothie
Strawberry & peanut butter smoothie
Watermelon cooler
Grapes and berries
Sweet green smoothie
Green machine

About this section
Simple fruity breakfast
Super fruity breakfast
Sweet granola
Banana crepe with fruit
Granola with coconut yogurt
Fruit bowl with sweet vanilla cream
Strawberry yogurt
Strawberry chia pudding
Creamy apricot chia porridge
Fruit with berry jam
Coconut crepes

About this section
Green chilli hot sauce
Spicy sambal sauce
Cashew cheese
Macadamia cheese
Tomato sauce
Thousand Island sauce
Satay sauce
Spicy base sauce for pizza
Tamarind sauce

153. SOUPS
About this section
Warm pumpkin soup
Creamy curry soup
Vegetable soup
Warm mushroom soup
Cucumber mint soup

About this section
Beetroot salad
Korean carrot salad
Tower salad
Tomato and avocado salad
Winter salad
Garden salad
Not-herring under a fur coat
179. Ensalada de pimientos

About this section
185. Avocado boats
Parsnip rice
Stuffed tomatoes
190. Stuffed mushrooms
192. Savoury tarts
194. Triple dips
196. Cabbage rolls
197. Cheesy tapas
Squash sandwiches
Cucumber entrees
Mushroom ravioli
Rainbow rolls
Stuffed cabbage
Cauliflower in tomato sauce

About this section
Rosemary crackers
Sprouted sunflower seed crackers
Carrot pizza base
215. Pumpkin seed and tomato crackers
216. Sun crackers
217. Macadamia cheese crumble
218. Nut butters and tahini
220. Caramelised onions
221. Smoked mushrooms
Curried tomatoes

About this section
Zucchini pasta
Spicy Pad Thai
Avocado basil pasta
Lettuce boats
Cauliflower sushi
233. Green kale sushi
236. Standard lasagne
238. Warm lasagne
241. Perfect pizza
244. The ultimate pizza
248. Portobello burger
250. Cannelloni
252. Mushroom patty burger
253. The sandwich
254. Falafel wraps
258. Spicy mango wraps
261. Mushroom wraps
264. Tomato wraps
266. Papaya wraps
Sweet and spicy couscous
Stuffed tomatoes

About this section
Sweet vanilla cream
Fruit parfait
Coconut macaroons
Brownie balls
Chocolate cake
Pink cupcakes
Apricot cake
Banana cake
286. Strawberry cheesecake
289. Red velvet cake
Hazelnut cookies
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate filled strawberries
Banana ice-cream
Cherry crumble/cobbler
300. Cherry cheesecake
303. Lemon and caramel squares
Strawberry squares
Strawberry and blueberry jam
Swiss rolls
Pumpkin pie
Buddha bars
Buckwheat crunchies

The challenge

314. Conclusion, copyright and disclaimer[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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