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Anya Andreeva photographer, videographer, web design, graphic design, digital services worldwide


Currently, I’m in London, UK.

I’m available to shoot at any location, depending on what you’re looking for.

Types of shoots:


Pick a theme and we will make you a great portrait for your website or personal use.

Daily life & hobbies

I can follow you around all day and take shots of what your typical day is like. This is especially useful to those who like to blog or want more professional photos for their Instagram account.


Want to record your travels but don’t feel like bringing a large camera with you and ask random strangers to take your photo? Take me along instead! I’m always travelling so may already be at your destination. Alternatively, I am also available for special travel packages.

I do adventure travel also, so whether you’re into diving (I can take underwater photos), skiing or paragliding, I will come and take photos or videos of your fun times!

Festivals, parties & events

I most frequently get asked to take photos at festivals or retreats, but because many events are quite sensitive or private (e.g. tantra retreats), I cannot share many photos. If your festival is abroad, I am available to travel also.

Couples, families & children

For those of you who want to cherish special family moments.


Sometimes you just can’t quite catch your fluff ball with your phone camera, so if you want more than a “cat beard” – ask for our pet package!


Let your inner mermaid come out to play! Underwater rates are different, please see this page for more information.

Food &/or food styling

Being a raw food chef myself, taking pictures of food is one of my favourite things to do. If you have a restaurant or a catering business, taking professional photos can really be a game-changer. I’m also available for food styling before the shoot if required.


Office shoots, products, properties, or perhaps you’re daring enough for something more sexy? Whatever the request, we will be discreet, professional and confidential.


Ask us about creating your very own short commercials, property listings, blog content, website/event promotions or even longer documentaries.


Want to learn how to take awesome photos for yourself? Edit photos using Photoshop or Lightroom? Or maybe you want to make your own YouTube videos and need some guidance on filming or video editing with Final Cut Pro X? I can teach you! For editing lessons, software is included.

Prices – photography:

Option 1 – by individual photos

£50/hour for the photo shoot – 2 hours minimum.

  • 1 photo:£20
  • 3 photos:£50
  • 5 photos:£60
  • 7 photos:£70
  • 10 photos:£80
  • 20 photos:£150
  • 30 photos:£230
  • 40 photos:£310
  • 50 photos:£390

Option 2 – complete portfolio

Half day (4 hours, inc. 30 min break) photo session + 30 photos: £400

Full day (8 hours, inc. 60 min break) photo session + 60 photos: £750

Option 3 – event photography

Half day (4 hours, inc. 30 min break) photo session + all photos (lightly edited): £500

Full day (8 hours, inc. 60 min break) photo session + all photos (lightly edited): £900


Please consult the underwater rates and information here.

The photos:

You will receive a digital version of the photos you choose. Print is not available.

Prices: videography

Prices will vary depending on what you’re looking for. Please consult the prices with me personally.

Prices: photography or videography workshops

Private workshops at the location of your choosing: £70 for 1.5 hours. This may vary depending on the location.

For editing workshops, software is included for Mac (Photoshop, Lightroom or Final Cut Pro X)