Natural DIY decoration and art recipes using food products

When you make the decision to go completely raw, you may find yourself stuck with lots of produce that you won’t need anymore. Things like pasta, cans of beans, flour, jars of jam, rice and others. Please don’t eat it because you feel bad about wasting it, you’ll just regret it later.

Now, you could always just give it all away to your friends (that’s what I did), but if you have a creative mind, why not have some fun with it instead?

All of these images link to Pinterest, where you will find the recipes for each of the projects – have fun!

Got too much tomato sauce in jars?

Jars are so versatile and lots of fun to play with for the whole family. You could go all fancy on it, like this:

Or you could just make a simple vase:

Beans, oh wonderful beans

You can do sooo much with beans! How about a heat pad for the winter?

Or a painting:

You can use all sorts of beans here to create colours!

And make cute little (or big!) bean bags šŸ™‚

Spaghetti is always fun to play with

Get your kids involved and ask them to draw something, but it must include pasta!

You can make DIY presents!

Want to make a Christmas present yourself? Try this easy recipe for a cute snowman made with rice:

Make a frame out of beans, rice or pasta

You can make it really fancy!

You know you love candles!

Again, you can use coffee beans, rice, dahl or anything else you like, and you can colour it too!

The super quick and easy solution:

Now, what shall we do about all those tins?

I think we found 25Ā better uses for them:

Let’s colour in some rice!

Ok so the picture below is embroidery, but you could totally do this with coloured rice! You can colour rice using coloured chalks, paints or food colouring.

Have you got glass bottles?

If you still have old coke bottles lying around, don’t feel bad about wasting them. Pour it all out into a bowl and put your silver jewellery into it overnight – they will be shiny and clean in the morning! As for the bottles, here are a few ideas:

You can even find use for flour

Did you know you can make Salt Dough for decorations?

And lastly, make paper mache (sculptures) using just flour and water – great one for kids! Here’s the recipe for the “glue”:

Want more ideas? Check out my Pinterest page

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