Healing Sessions in Marbella, Spain

Holistic therapist: Sheerana

Specialities: Soul & Body Healing through conscious tantric touch. Deep Alpha/Theta relaxation state. Return of the Soul to the Body.

What are the benefits?

  • Rebalancing the energies in the body
  • Release of emotional/past traumas
  • Deep healing of your inner child
  • Support the body’s natural healing process
  • Access to one’s own vital energy
  • Activate all energy centers in the body
  • Allow lymphatic drainage and circulation to flow
  • Improve love/sex relationships
  • Deep state of relaxation and wellbeing
  • Find your own Infinite source of Divine power
reiki spiritual healing woman face massage, tantric massage with Elena Romanova, Marbella, Spain

These Holistic Healing sessions are an opportunity for you to dive deep and experience the Art of Tantra Touch that could have transformational influence for your life. These ancient techniques not only work with the physical body but also with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies allowing for an expansion of awareness, an improvement of your relationships, your sexuality, communication, all the while accelerating your spiritual growth.

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About Sheerana

Sheerana is a Clairsentient being. Her perception of reality extends to channeling very subtle energies. She has a unique gift of being intuitively guided from the very young age, naturally joyful, yet balanced and peacefully present in the present moment. Her 100% presence and her loving touch gives the receiver a sense of a deep trust, serenity and security, which allows you to fall into the arms of the Divine Feminine to heal and nourish you on all levels. Her touch comes from the purest source of unconditional love for humanity, being an empty vessel to channel the purest vibrations for the benefits of all.

She chose the path as a Mystic/Tantra touch healer and a Holistic Counsellor to follow her passion and to help you return your Soul to your body, to release you from fears and desires and to dive deep and anchor into the nourishing frequencies of True Beloved. She feels and knows the healing power of love that honors the Divine Feminine and Masculine in its true essence.

Sheerana has over 10 years of experience in meditation, yoga, qigong, pranic living, holistic healing work, coaching and inspiring others on their path to the Self.

Sheerana was trained with the best teachers from around the world and holds qualifications as a Mystic Massage practitioner from the school of “Tantra Essence” with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Dharmaraj and Deep Tantra Touch with Robert Silver.

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In these massage and counseling sessions Sheerana integrates her developed intuitive healing modalities and vast experience, with a deep Alpha/Theta meditational state to heal past wounds, support your journey into the higher levels of consciousness, re-connect your body, mind and heart with your sexual energy and to activate and experience your own infinite creative vital life force to its full potential.

Sheerana’s spiritual background and inspiration:

  • Sutras Patanjali
  • Anastasia – Riging Cedars of Russia
  • Mooji – Advaita Vedanta
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek – Sacred Geometry – Merkaba
  • Catherine Sheinberg – Dreams and Imagery work
  • Jasmuheen – Pranic living, Embassy of Peace
  • Oberom
  • Victor Truviano
  • Matt Khan – revolution of love
  • Kryon
  • Telos – Lemurian energy
  • Bruce Lipton – biology of beliefs
  • Gurdjieff dances
  • Osho talks and meditations
  • Mattias Shwentek, Ma Ananda Sarita, Robert Silber – Shakti awakening, deep tantra touch
  • And many others

Sheerana is always open for learning and expansion with much gratitude and surrender to the Flow of Grace.

Languages: English, Russian and Spanish

Session location: Marbella, Spain and worldwide at events.

Worldwide festivals and retreats: Sheerana is available to attend events worldwide. For more information, please email her by clicking the button below.

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