Information on the raw food workshops in Marbella, Spain.

*UPDATE* – Currently I am only offering PRIVATE workshops near Marbella. Please click here for more information on those. I will be in Spain until September 2016 but am also available for consultations over Skype worldwide.

I’ve been hosting raw food workshops since 2012 and would like to share some information with you. Here you will find out the latest workshop dates, what type of things are covered and some testimonials.

Workshops may be held in either English, Spanish or Russian.

Anya Andreeva's raw vegan food workshop Marbella, Spain

If you’re more interested in ordering raw food, please see the full menu here.

To find out more about the next workshops, please have a look at the calendar here or alternatively, if you would like to book a private class where you can choose which recipes you would like to learn, contact me here. Hope to see you soon!

Next workshop dates

Thank you everyone who made it to the last Introduction to Living Foods workshop at OWL Organic Market, it was a beautiful evening with some really lovely company!

The next workshop dates to be announced shortly, watch this space.

Thank you everyone who came to the last class, it was an absolutely wonderful day 🙂 Now I know this photo is missing a couple of people, but it’s just too cute not to share it!!

Raw food workshop with Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw in Marbella

Private raw food classes

Private lessons give you the opportunity to learn exactly what you want, at your own time. You will be given a choice of recipes, and you only pay depending on how many you choose! You can participate as much as you want and ask questions you may be too embarrassed to ask in a large group. This is also a great option if you would like to learn very specific recipes that are not taught in the group sessions. To find out more, please click here.

Raw coconut crepe with strawberry blueberry jam and fruit, by Anya Andreeva

Location and prices

*Update* – please note that our private workshop location has changed to La Reserva de Marbella, Las Chapas. It is a smaller space so spaces will be limited to 8-10 people.

Group workshops will be done at other venues, including abroad, upon request.

Prices will vary depending on the workshop and the ingredients, please look out for the poster on a specific class for more information.

Raw food workshop with Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw in Marbella

How to book a class

To register for an upcoming workshop, please fill out the registration form found here, or alternatively, if you would like to book a private class where you can choose which recipes you would like to learn, contact me here. Hope to see you soon!

Please make sure to read our FAQ section. By booking a workshop you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Raw food workshop with Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw in Marbella

Here are some testimonials from the people who attended the workshops (translated from Spanish and Russian):

  • “Oh wow Anya, this is literally the best cake I’ve ever had in my LIFE! I’m being totally serious, this is just incredible, so much better than normal cheesecake!” (Carolina)
  • For us it was an unforgettable evening because of your delicious desserts as well as your company. We came home full of lovely energy.” (Rosa of Naturae)
  • A thousand thanks for the incredible workshop. For me it was something totally new and I really enjoyed my first experience. I will, without a doubt, incorporate this into my life and try out come of the easy recipes, which are so delicious. I loved making the sushi rolls myself. God bless you.” (Maria)
  • “I’m already buying ingredients for the desserts, I’m going to start with the easiest one, with the strawberries filled with chocolate mousse, which are deliiiiiiiiiicious. I’m going to take it over for some friends for desserts and I’m going to feel like a Queen thanks to you.” (Maria M)
  • Being a vegan chef myself, I have tried many recipes, but I must say, these banana ice cream thingies really surprised me, very tasty indeed!” (Javier, vegan chef)

Anya Andreeva's raw vegan cherry crumble

Raw food topics covered in the general workshops

Each workshop is different and is designed according to what most people want. There is usually a presentation at the start, outlining the specific topic, followed by a demonstration of several recipes. Sometimes the students may get involved in the process of the food-making, such as rolling sushi – everyone loves that! Lunch is always included as we will be sampling all of the meals prepared on the day.

Introduction to raw food

There are classes for complete beginners to raw food, explaining the basics and what’s and why’s of this lifestyle. It introduces concepts like sprouting, soaking nuts and seeds, super foods and dehydration (including tasters!). All intro recipes are simple and do not require a dehydrator. They will vary according to the group, but can include nut milks, sushi, soups, pasta, brownies and various sauces.

Anyas raw mushroom tacos, Live Love Raw

Raw desserts

Another workshop I love doing is completely focused on raw desserts – yumm!! This is always everyone’s favourite and spaces book fast! I just love seeing people’s faces when they realise that you can make such incredible sweets using simple natural ingredients, without gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar or other additives…and that don’t require 2 hours of baking! We’ve made all sorts of desserts, from ice cream and cheesecakes to cupcakes and crepes. Recipes usually will not require dehydration, unless the group would like to see an example of a simple one.

Anyas raw vegan chocolate brownies, Live Love Raw

Introduction to dehydration – level 2

This one is for those who have been to the introduction workshop and would like to find out more about dehydration. This is mostly for those who are curious and are thinking of buying a dehydrator, or if you already got one but don’t know how to use it to it’s maximum potential. You will be able to see the difference between the 2 most popular types of dehydrators and advice will be given as to which one to buy. We will demonstrate simple dehydrator recipes, such as pizzas, falafels and macaroons.

Anyas raw vegan pizza, Live Love Raw

Advanced raw food – level 3

This is a workshop for those who have already been to the previous workshops, who may have a dehydrator and want to take it to the next step. Recipes here might include wraps, quiches, granola and more complex desserts, such as warm cherry crumble.

Raw vegan sweet and spicy mexican wrap by Live Love Raw

RawGasmic, Rawesome and other workshops

These workshops are different every time and are focused purely on the new recipes taught. Some previous examples include: pad thai, mango wraps, mushroom burgers, tacos, soups, cakes and more!

Anya Andreeva's raw vegan corn tacos