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Since establishing my website 5 years ago, I have received many enquiries about guest blogging, product reviews and event promotions. Until now all reviews have been my own and all events were those I personally organise. However, after much consideration I realised that there are so many amazing things out there that I couldn’t possibly have the time to review or organise myself, so I’ve decided to open up this opportunity to the public.

My website receives between 10-25,000 views a month and I have 22,500 combined genuine followers on all the most popular social media channels, who have an interest in what I share.

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Here is a list of possible ways how you can promote your product or event on my site or social media pages.

Note: If you have a health, travel or mindful blog, I am open to doing guest blogging exchanges.

Fully customised landing page for your event
To feature your event/product in a newsletter
Sponsored blog post / guest blogging
To add a relevant link to your event/product to one of my already-existing articles
Product or event review
Social media promotion
Photography features
Featured on the sidebar blog widget

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Please note: I do not accept all advertisements, it is very important for me to keep it relevant to the topics of this site, to give the end users the best experience possible. Please have a look at the current blog topics.

Here are some examples of things that ARE of interest to us: health, wellness, vegetarian/vegan/raw food, recipes, natural living, natural beauty products, eco-tourism, mindful festivals, tantra and sacred sexuality, spirituality, travel and travel guides, how to be healthy whilst travelling, reviews of mindful workshops, yoga, massage, energy work, sound healing, pranic lifestyle, meditation, self-love and motivation and anything else that feels relevant.

Topics that are NOT of interest to us: posts and recipes with fish or meat, posts about how bad animals are treated in the food industry, negative blogs or reviews, religion, politics, personal stories with no relevance to the topics above.

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