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Live Love Raw brings you raw food recipes and workshops, as well as advice on how to live in harmony with your body and nature (e.g. how to make your own natural beauty products). Here you will also find spiritual information, events and our latest sections include conscious travel guides and reviews of mindful retreats and workshops.
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Private raw food workshops in Marbella, Spain

🇬🇧Whatsapp for info / 🇷🇺Пишите для информафии / 🇪🇸Escribeme para mas info: (+34) 667 328 237

Click here for the full list of recipes you can learn, below are just a few examples.

Would you like to learn how to make raw food at your own pace?

Awesome! Here’s a quick start guide for you:

1) Pick any recipes you would like to learn from the photos below.

2) See the green text at the bottom of each photo (e.g. Recipes: 1) ? That’s the number of recipes included for that meal. You count that number when you go to calculate the cost of the workshop. For example, to learn a smoothie, you will just learn 1 recipe, but to make a pizza you will learn: rosemary cracker (1), tomato sauce (2) and cashew sauce (3) recipes.

3) Contact me using the form here and we can set a date that suits you best – and that’s it!

Raw food workshop with Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw in Marbella

Can’t make it in person? Skype with me!

Raw food classes and consultations are also available over Skype/FaceTime, wherever you are in the world! If you book an online class, you will receive a 10% discount on the prices below and one more perk – up to 3 people can see it for the price of one, so invite your friends and split the cost!

How does it work? There are 2 options: you can either just watch me demonstrate the recipes and ask any questions you like, or you can mirror me in your kitchen so you can taste the recipes for yourself.

Sounds great, I want to book a class!


Beetroot in garlic “mayo”

Raw vegan beetroot salad by Anya Andreeva

Brings colour to your table and it’s a great way to add beetroot to your meals.

Recipes: 1

Tower salad

Anya Andreeva's tower salads with cashew sauce

A much more fun way of eating a salad!

Includes: cashew sour cream recipe.

Recipes: 1

Tabbouleh salad

Lebanese raw vegan tabbouleh salad recipe by Live Love Raw

A Lebanese parsley classic, but without the cooked bulgur wheat, goes great with couscous.

Recipes: 1

Garden salad

Raw vegan zucchini salad by Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw

An introduction to making salads using various techniques.

Includes: vinaigrette dressing

Recipes: 1


Spanish gazpacho

Spanish gazpacho, raw vegan tomato soup by Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw

A Spanish favourite. Very easy to make, delicious and great for beginners.

Recipes: 1

Warm pumpkin soup

Raw vegan pumpkin curry soup by Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw

Who said raw food has to be cold? This soup tastes just like the cooked version.

Recipes: 1

Russian “okroshka”

Raw okroshka Russian soup recipe by Live Love Raw. Сыроедческая окрошка, рецепт

A cooling soup that’s perfect for the summer.

Recipes: 1

Warm mushroom soup

Warm mushroom soup

Warm, rich and creamy, tastes just like cooked soup.

Recipes: 1

Snacks & Sides

Raw sushi

A fun and easy recipe to make, great for beginners. Contains organic tamari.

Recipes: 1

Stuffed mushrooms

Anya Andreeva's raw vegan stuffed mushrooms

This is everyone’s absolute favourite dish. You’d never guess it’s raw! Perfect for parties.

Recipes: 1

Cheesy tapas

Anyas raw vegan cheesy tapas, Live Love Raw

A very simple recipe and a great start to understanding raw food.

Includes: macadamia cheese

Recipes: 1


Raw vegan, nut-free falafels by Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw

A fun and easy recipe to make. Nut-free. Great as a side dish or wrap filling.

Recipes: 1

Dehydration: optional

Smoked mushrooms

If you miss non-vegetarian food, try this! The meat-like taste will fool anyone. Great as a side dish or for wraps.

Recipes: 1


Savoury tarts

Anya's raw food savoury tarts

An absolute treat, perfect transition food and they are wonderful for parties!

Includes: macadamia cheese, dehydrated tomatoes, caramelised onions

Recipes: 3


Avocado boats

Avocado boats, raw vegan food by Anya Andreeva

If you’re new to raw food, this is a great place to start. Filling, easy and delicious!

Includes: cashew sour cream

Recipes: 1

Marinated cauliflower

Raw vegan cauliflower salad by Live Love Raw

A delicious starter or side dish. The cauliflower is soft and flavoursome.

Recipes: 1

Dehydration: optional

Rosemary crackers

Raw rosemary pizza crackers by Anya Andreeva

A wonderful substitute to bread. Use this as a pizza base, sandwich, dips or anything else you can think of.

Recipes: 1


Tomato & seed crackers

Dehydrated raw vegan tomato pumpkin seed crackers by Live Love Raw

Another great snack option. A little easier than the rosemary crackers.

Recipes: 1


Main Meals

Raw pizza

Anya's raw vegan pizza, Live Love Raw

A delicious main meal or snack.

Includes: rosemary cracker, tomato sauce and cashew sour cream.

Recipes: 3


Raw lasagne

Raw vegan lasagne by Anya Andreeva

Impress your guests without dehydration.

Includes: 2 different sauces that you can use for any purpose.

Recipes: 2

Zucchini pasta

Raw spaghetti marinara by Live Love Raw, vegan pasta

Also called “zoodles” for zucchini noodles, this is one of the first recipes a raw foodie learns. Very easy to make.

Recipes: 1

Pad Thai

Raw vegan spicy Asian noodles/Pad Thai by Live Love Raw

A slightly fancier version of the usual zucchini pasta, a great meal for those who like spicy food! Contains organic tamari.

Includes: peanut butter recipe.

Recipes: 1

Falafel wrap

Raw vegan falafel wrap by Live Love Raw

A delicious main meal that will impress any non-vegetarian too!

Includes: falafels and cashew sour cream.

Recipes: 3


Sweet & spicy wrap

Raw vegan sweet and spicy mango wrap by Live Love Raw

This is a favourite amongst my students and perfect for those who like a sweet and spicy combination.

Includes: cashew sour cream.

Recipes: 3


Mushroom wrap

Mushroom wraps, raw vegan food by Anya Andreeva

If you love mushrooms, this is a recipe for you! No one will be able to tell it’s raw!

Includes: stuffed mushrooms recipe.

Recipes: 3


Portobello burger

Dehydrated raw vegan portobello mushroom burgers and big mac salad by Live Love Raw

Another favourite for you mushroom lovers! This is one of our best recipes!

Includes: pesto recipe

Recipes: 2


Corn tacos

Anya Andreeva's raw vegan corn tacos

A recent addition to our menu has been quite the hit!

Includes: cashew sour cream and guacamole recipe

Recipes: 3



Raw vegan cannelloni with tomato sauce and mushrooms by Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw

The only complaint I get about this dish is it’s too gorgeous to eat, but it’s so delicious too!

Includes: tomato sauce recipe

Recipes: 2

Mushroom patty

Raw vegan mushroom burger patty by Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw

A different kind of raw burger. Fun to make and there are so many ways you can assemble it!

Includes: sauerkraut and thousand island sauce

Recipes: 3


Lettuce boats

Anyas raw mushroom tacos, Live Love Raw

A great recipe for beginners to raw food. No fancy equipment required and many different variations possible.

Includes: cashew sour cream

Recipes: 1


Fruity “porridge”

Fruity breakfast bowl by Live Love Raw

A wonderful recipe for an easy everyday breakfast. Made with any seasonal fruits, the possibilities are endless. Introduction to superfoods.

Recipes: 1


Raw coconut crepe with strawberry blueberry jam and fruit, by Anya Andreeva

The ultimate breakfast! Can be made with a banana crepe or coconut crepe.

Includes: sweet cream

Recipes: banana (2) or coconut (3)


Chia bowl

Fruity chia breakfast bowl by Live Love Raw

A very easy breakfast and great for introducing superfoods to your diet. Made with seasonal fruit.

Recipes: 1


Raw vegan nutty fruity buckwheat granola recipe, Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw

If you like crunchy granola for breakfast, this is the choice for you!

Note: must have 5 days notice to prepare.

Costs extra 30€



Chocolate strawberries

Anya Andreeva raw strawberries filled with chocolate Live Love Raw, Spain

Filled with a rich and creamy chocolate mousse.

Recipes: 1

Brownies/chocolate cake

Anyas raw vegan chocolate brownies, Live Love Raw

Most recommended recipe! Easy to make and great for sharing.

Recipes: 2

Apricot cake

Apricot cake, raw vegan sugar free desserts by Anya Andreeva

Our personal favourite cake – smooth and sweet.

Recipes: 2

Coconut macaroons

Anyas raw coconut macaroons with raw chocolate

Here’s one for all you coconut lovers out there! You may not believe it, but it’s only got 2 ingredients! Lots of fun for kids to make too.

Recipes: 1

Berry jam

Raw vegan strawberry blueberry jam by Anya Andreeva, Live Love Raw

Best jam in the world in my opinion! Doesn’t need any hard-to-get ingredients either.

Recipes: 1

Strawberry cheesecake

Raw vegan strawberry and white chocolate cream cake with pistachios and rose petals by Anya Andreeva

A yummy cake that can be made with strawberries or raspberries.

Recipes: 2

Cherry/berry cheesecake

Raw vegetarian cherry cheesecake, sugar free, by Anya Andreeva

The ultimate raw cheesecake experience – will be made with seasonal berries

Recipes: 3

Ice cream

Anya's raw vegan banana ice-cream

Can be made with any flavours: banana, mango, strawberry, melon…

Recipes: 1

Workshop details:

  • Workshops can be done at any time of the day to suit both parties, but a starting time of 12:00 is recommended. Timing will depend on how many recipes you choose. Please allow at least 2-4 hours.
  • Lunch is provided as you can eat what we make.
  • Much of it will be demonstrated but you can participate in as much of the preparation as you wish.
  • Anything that requires dehydration will be prepared in advance and you can try the final product. In the class we will prepare everything up to the point of dehydration. If you do not have a dehydrator yet, some recipes can be dried in the sun if it’s hot enough (e.g. falafels or “smoked” mushrooms) – many people who do not own a dehydrator learn dehydrated recipes and them make them in the oven or under the sun.
  • Workshops are done at our house in Las Chapas, as we will need heavy equipment and to save you time we will cut and prepare the ingredients before you arrive.
  • Feel free to take notes or alternatively a PDF of the recipes can be provided at an additional cost of 15€.

Prices – in YOUR kitchen (YOU provide ingredients/equipment):

Many times my student’s come back to me and say, “I learnt so much at your class, but when I got home, I couldn’t make it in the same way” – so I decided to offer the option of making all of these recipes at your house and found that most people prefer this.

This option works out to be more economical for you too as we can make as many recipes as you want, depending on the time you choose to spend. You can also invite up to 3 of your friends at no extra charge!

The price for this is 50€/hour for unlimited recipes. You provide the ingredients and the equipment.

Prices – in MY kitchen (I provide ingredients/equipment):

Prices listed below are per person. If you’d like to have a private workshop for 2, 3 or even more people, please find our discounts below the pricing table.

Recommended option: 6 recipes.

1-3 recipes

  • 2 hours

4-6 recipes

  • 2-3 hours

7-10 recipes

  • 2.5-3 hours

11-15 recipes

360half day
  • 3-5 hours

Extra students:

Can I bring a friend?

Of course you can!

1 person: pays 100% of the price stated above

2 people: each pay 85% of the price (15% discount)

3 people: each pay 80% (20% discount)

4 people: each pay 75% (25% discount)

and so on…

For example, lets say you’ve chosen 3 recipes – you alone would pay 100€. If you bring one person, both of you would then pay 85€ (85%) each, i.e. 170€ in total, saving you both 15€ each!

Can a friend come at the end just to eat?

Sure, we can make enough food for your friend and they will only pay 30€ to enjoy a wide variety of dishes.

Learn your favourite recipes at your own pace, what are you waiting for?

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Book Now!

Please make sure to read our FAQ section. By placing an order or signing up to a workshop you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Psst…don’t forget that we also do raw food catering, so if you’d like to order some chocolates or other meals whilst you’re here for the workshop, we could do bespoke flavours just for you!! Check out our menu here.

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