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Alchemy Foods Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for visiting our Alchemy pages, here you will find some frequently asked questions about our raw vegan food and chocolate ingredients, delivery and shipping. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us here.

By placing an order you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

We try our hardest to ensure that all of our produce is sourced from trusted organically certified suppliers. In some instances where we can not find a specific product, a fresh and locally sourced alternative may be used.

The main sweetener used in our chocolates is coconut sugar, which is a natural sugar that comes from the nectar (sap) of the coconut palm tree. It has a low Glycemic Index and is therefore considered safe for diabetics and those suffering from candida. However, please use your own judgement and if necessary consult your doctor.

The main sweetener used in our chocolates is coconut sugar, which is a natural sugar that comes from the nectar (sap) of the coconut palm tree. It has a low Glycemic Index and is therefore considered safe for diabetics. However, please use your own judgement and if necessary consult your doctor.

YES! 😉 Because it is not mixed with sugar and dairy products, you will get all the amazing benefits of raw cacao, such as:

  • Heaps of magnesium
  • Improves circulation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves digestion
  • Promotes cardiovascular (heart) health
  • Improves mood and fights depression
  • Gives your body energy
  • And so much more!

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can eat 20 bars of chocolate everyday, it is after all a superfood, and all superfoods should be eaten sparingly.

No, all of our chocolates and food are completely raw vegan and produced in a clean vegan environment.

All of our chocolates are free of soy.

A couple of our raw food dishes, such as the sushi, may contain tamari (the gluten-free version of soy sauce). These are clearly marked on the menu and the recipe can be modified.

Yes, some of our chocolate and food contains nuts. If you have a nut allergy, please contact us for a bespoke nut-free order here.


No, and nothing comes into contact with any animal products whatsoever.

The base ingredients are: cacao butter, cacao powder, coconut sugar and lucuma – all raw of course, we never buy cooked cacao products (which is what you mostly find in the shops).

All of our flavours are completely natural and obtained from the highest quality sources. For example, to get the orange flavour, we literally grate fresh orange zest, which is why this flavour is seasonal.

Many of our chocolates contain nuts.

Our chocolate will stay fresh at room temperature for up to one month, as long as they are kept away from heat and humidity. Specifically, the temperature should not exceed 21 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity should remain below 60%. Avoid direct sunlight, as with any chocolate.

If refrigerating, place package in two plastic bags, close tightly and refrigerate; this may prolong the life of the chocolate for up to three months or more.

Raw vegan chocolates do not need refrigeration if tempered correctly, which ours are; they do however need to be kept between 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, in a dry odourless space.

They can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer in a double zip lock bag if you prefer a crisp taste, but it is not necessary; please be aware that you may experience changes to the chocolates consistency with prolonged refrigeration.

Please note: some flavours, such as orange and those with fillings will need to be kept in the fridge.

This can sometimes occur when chocolate is warmed to above 21 degrees Celsius and then slowly cooled. Cacao butter changes from solid to liquid and rises to the surface, then when it cools it becomes visible as a white coating which can cover part or all of the chocolate; this is completely harmless and only aesthetic.

Raw vegan food is made fresh and should ideally be consumed within 30 minutes of delivery / preparation. There are some exceptions to this on our menu and advice will be given when placing your order. However, for more information please contact us here.

Yes, we currently run group workshops in Marbella. Our courses vary in level and themes, and many are suitable for complete beginners. Please have a look at the workshop page for the full information.

Workshops are taught in English, Spanish or Russian. Please subscribe to our newsletter or keep an eye on the website for upcoming classes.

Yes, we often hold private one-to-one sessions. This is a wonderful way to learn exactly what you want and at your own pace. There is a wide variety of recipes to chose from – we will send you a PDF and you just pick what you like! Lessons can be focused on anything from raw vegan recipes to dietary advice (we also do coaching). The prices vary depending on how many recipes you chose in order to make it as affordable as possible. Please contact us here for more information.

Yes, we always welcome catering briefs for private events and retreats. These will be tailored to suit your needs so you may get the best possible experience.

Please contact us here for more details.

Yes, if you have any concerns about any of our products and how they may react with your body, please contact us here.

All of our raw food and chocolate are free from sugar, gluten and any animal products.

We’ve dealt with many different allergies, so we should be able to alter our recipes to suit your needs.

Yes, we have a minimum order price of 25€ (not including delivery).

However, there is NO minimum order price if you pick up your order from Las Chapas.

You can find local delivery charges in a PDF document here. If your zone isn’t listed, doesn’t mean we can’t get to you, just get in touch to find out the price.

If you would like to pick up your order from Las Chapas – this is free and has no minimum order.

Alternately, only for Alchemy raw vegan chocolate, you can request for a postal/currier delivery; please indicate when placing an order.

Raw food orders can be delivered from Malaga to Estepona. Please bear in mind that we are based in Las Chapas, so if we have to travel far, we would have to prepare the food at your house to make sure it’s fresh.

Raw chocolate orders can be shipped to the whole of mainland Spain. You can contact us here for more details on ordering.

Currently only our range of chocolates and long-lasting snacks (such as crackers and granola) can be shipped internationally. If you would like more details on the delivery charges to your country, please contacts us here.

Local food and chocolate delivery around Marbella can be within 24 hours if all products are in stock; when placing an order you will be given an estimated delivery date and time.

For chocolate and snack deliveries within mainland Spain and internationally, this could take up to 5-10 working days; you will be advised on delivery dates based on your order and country. Please note that only chocolate and long-lasting snacks (like crackers and granola) can be shipping outside of Marbella.

Yes. We have a wide range of gift boxes to choose from.

Yes, we welcome bespoke orders and you can enquire further by contacting us here.

Yes, we are always interested in partnership work with new suppliers. For further information please contact us here for more details.

No, you can opt to purchase our products via a “Guest Login”.

(Login currently unavailable, website under development. Please contact us to place an order)

Once an order for raw chocolate is placed, it can be altered or cancelled before confirmation of shipping. Once an item is shipped, it can not be returned or refunded for hygiene purposes.

If you place an order for a raw meal and need to cancel, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance.

If you have any queries regarding a new or existing order, please contact us here.

We always ship our raw vegan chocolates with the fastest method available, to ensure you can enjoy our fresh homemade products. When placing an order, please state whether you would like order tracking, as this service will come at an additional cost.

If you fear your package might be lost, then please contact us here.

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