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Live Love Raw brings you raw food recipes and workshops, as well as advice on how to live in harmony with your body and nature (e.g. how to make your own natural beauty products). Here you will also find spiritual information, events and our latest sections include conscious travel guides and reviews of mindful retreats and workshops.
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Kickstart your journey to health. Create sexy & delicious recipes. Get the book now!

Being vegetarian, vegan or raw can be challenging. Let me show you how to:

Go on dates & parties. Travel. Deal with cravings & hunger. Pack lunch. Handle friends.


Featured events

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Beta Lisboa yoga training, healing events, Portugal, Europe and Bali
Retreat in Bali with Beta Lisboa. Get 50€ off with the code “anya50” at checkout.
online tantra course with ma ananda sarita on relationships, conscious sexuality and spirituality
Unleash your ecstatic energy, transform your life & expand your consciousness with this online Tantra course

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